The Eavesdropper

Mithila was parading down the hall when her husband Awadesh entered the house and stopped . On seeing him she too gave a provocative pose and said, ‘So how do I look?’
Mithila and Awadesh had been married for about 2 years now, She was an engineer with a telecom company, while he was an investment banker. Both were dynamic and hardworking. For now they had put any ideas of expanding their family on hold and were just having a good time.
‘Yeah it looks good, but why a ‘ghagra choli?’, he asked.
‘Arrey its Rupali’s wedding na, so I will be wearing this for one of the functions,, she replied.
Rupali was Awadesh’s cousin and her wedding was supposedly to be a grand affair as she was the youngest among the cousins. ‘Oh like that’, he murmured.
‘And then I thought….’, she continued
‘What?, he asked.
‘I thought I would also wear this for one of the Navratris; for the dandiya in our colony…’, she replied.
‘So tell that you want to show off in front of the ladies of our colony,’ Awadesh sneered. ‘And how much does it cost?’
‘I got it form Kanchans boutique, its only one of its kind, look at the fabric, look at the baby pink color, the zardozi….’ She rattled.
‘How much?’, he asked.
‘Rs.12500’, she replied
‘Phew’, he said and didn’t say more, he knew it was futile, she would have given a 1000 explanations, if he had said that it was expensive.

Some days later Awadesh found Mithila fuming, ‘what happened?’ he asked.
‘I met our neighbor Mrs Rai today and you know she knows everything about what goes in our house. Like the menu we had for last weekend’s party; the store from where we get groceries, not only that she also knows that it’s you who makes the morning coffee.’
‘But how?’, he asked
‘She must be keeping her ears glued to the wall that we share or else……she must have kept a camera hidden somewhere here..’
‘Leave it Mithila, she has no other work, her husband is so busy and children away in hostels, so just don’t care’, and they left the matter at that.

_It was navratri and the dandiya was in full swing when Awadesh and Mithila entered, she in her pink ghagra and he in a dhoti kurta, when Mithila stopped short.
Right in front of her was Mrs. Rai in a pink sari with zardozi work, the work very similar to her own ghagra. Awadesh whispered in her ear, ‘yes your boutique makes only of a kinds, one sari, one ghagra, maybe a salwar suit ……’, when Mithila did an about turn and returned to their apartment.

But that day she vowed to teach Mrs. Rai a lesson, eavesdropping she had pardoned but not aping her, no doubt she had heard their conversation and had gone to Kanchans and bought that sari.

It was the weekend and she was busy cleaning, Awadesh had some work and had gone to office, when her cellphone rang, it was her sister, when a plan dawned on her. She went near the common wall and started talking.

‘Oh Shruti, guess what; we are going on Europe tour. Yes, this December, I know it will be cold but I wanted to ski in Switzerland and isn’t winter romantic…No, no, not very expensive, Thomas Cook you know, cost only Rs. 1.25 lakh per person’, and she went on ….

Awadesh returned home to hear loud voices at the Rais. Mr. Rai was a very silent person and they had never, ever heard his voice, so he was shocked. He went inside to find a very happy Mithila dancing to ‘Nanachi Taang’.

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