An ordinary life-Rambabu

Rambabu came out tired, perspiring and very very sleepy. He had got up at 5 am to start on work. Then after he finished work at 4 pm, he did odd jobs, to finally finish by 9pm. The moment he lay down on his bed he would be dead to the world.

This had been Rambabu’s routine for the past 6 months. He was a carpenter with a construction company in Bahrain. Married four years back, his wife was living with his mother in Kakinada( a town in Andhra Pradesh). He was scheduled for his bi annual vacation next month. He was hoping to start a family this year and so the hardwork. He wanted to please his wife…

Suvarna-he thought and a smile came on his face. Suvarna his wife, all of 22 years, so petite, so lovely, a bit impulsive and childish but his her loveliness eclipsed everything.
Six months back when he had mentioned his wish for a child and she had said that she wanted a gold mangalsutra and not the thread thali which he had put around her neck on their wedding; this trade off of a gold mangalsutra for a baby looked childish to him, but he did not want to argue with her. Once they had a baby she would mature. And phone calls were the only time when he could connect with his wife, he did not want to spoil those precious moments. Yes, she was ecucated but was too lazy to write letters.

Also this time he wanted to repair their house. His father had built it with his own hands some 50 odd years abck. He wanted to repair it so that his wife and mother could live in comfort. And so to get some additional money he had started doing odd jobs- some cleaning here, some repair there and had accumulated a good amount.

And so it was 9 pm, he was dead tired but he did not want to sleep, today he would shop for his Suvarna, some cosmetics, some perfume.
He was worried for her. He had not spoken to her for the last 1 month. His mother said that she had been to her mother’s place. Undoubtedly his mother had fought with her. His mother could really be a Hitler sometimes…

Rambabu took a bus form Hyderabad airport. As soon as he reached Kakinada, he rushed home to see his mother sweeping the entrance way. He went and hugged her. They had tea and sat chatting. Then Rambabu went to have his bath. After sometime his mother saw him getting ready, and asked,’ Where are you going?’

‘To fetch Suvarna Amma’.

‘No, you can’t go’

‘Why? Amma whatever differences you have with her , she is my wife and this is her home too. And then don’t you want a grandchild.’, he added to placate her.

‘Last month Venu your cousin had come here, in his big car, you know he is a contractor now….’

‘Amma I am in no mood to listen about Venu’s success story, I have to go and fetch Suvarna.’

‘Well, you see you live so far off all alone, so did not want to bother you. But your wife went away with Venu and is staying with him in Vijaywada’

20 thoughts on “An ordinary life-Rambabu

  1. Thanks bhagyareema for visiting my post and leaving a comment.Your name sounds familiar , may be you would have visited my blog earlier too. Anyways, I loved what I saw here. Shall see your posts regularly. BTW I am also a GSB. I belong to Kochi.

  2. Cool…I found it a win win situation…the wife found someone cool and the man is best rid of a covetous wife…i wish real life me itney simple solutions nikal aatey :-)))

  3. Yes, I am from Kochi. I could not access the internet dure to some faulty connection. When I am free, I shall come back for sure.

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