Hot sunny days remind me of Nav TAp- the nine days of extreme h eat in North India

Full moons of Ganesh Chathurthi (when U are not supposed to look at the moon) or of Sankashti( when You are supposed to break your fast after having a look at the moon but invaraibly that day the moon will rise late.

Blue color soothes me, it might be the blue sky or just a blue dress, it reminds me that I can be as endless as the vast sky.

Red gives me confidence, it reminds me that I may have failed many times, but all is not lost -yet.

The shrill whistle of the pressure cooker which says All izz Well.

6 thoughts on “Reminders

    • A kitchen full of aromas and hte pressure cooker whistling is the first sign of the well being of a family.There is a konkani saying:
      Vyavastha hich gharachi shobha
      santush stri hich gharachi laxmi
      samadan hich gharachi sukh
      aathithya hech gharach vaibhav
      dharmikta hech gharach shikar

      tidiness is the lustre of the home
      contented wife is indeed its lakshmi
      happiness of a home in its tranquility
      hospitality in its grandeur
      Righteousness is its crowning glory

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