This is a post in response to blogaddas contest and yes I do not normally take part in contests but this contest is more about creating awareness and that’s what is my intention; in case you are wondering what the contest is; its Lets Combat cancer

This story is about a family friend, a very dear aunty of mine who will always be my source of inspiration. I cannot tell you her name, because for that I will have to take her kith and kin’s approval and that will take time.
At an age when you are worried about career politics or why your kids are not eating well or studying well, she was diagnosed with tumor in the uterus.
After which she took care to get herself annually checked up. And so in her early 40s a routine mammogram showed up what she feared, she had breast cancer. And so followed a routine of examinations, chemotherapy and what not. Finally it came to a point where one of her breasts was removed.
For a third-party when such news is conveyed, he/ she will respond with statements like good that it was diagnosed at an warly stage or that what happens if a breast is removed, at least the disease got arrested etc. But is it so easy? A normal person can never imagine living with one eye or one foot or one hand is or in this case a single breast is. Can you imagine how traumatic it is, to wear a dress, a blouse and feel the emptiness. Yes you can wear padding, but is it the same? And the pain she felt when she tried to raise her hands.
And then the cancer was arrested. For 5 years she went for regular check ups, took medicines and was finally told that there was no cause for worry any more. Oh what joy, what happiness and what celebrations. And she did everything she wanted to do the last 5 years , she played badminton, she travelled, she partied, but it left a pain in her back.
Yes, she again went for check ups and was diagnosed with cancer of the backbone and it spread, spread like fire.
Again the check ups, again the chemotherapy.
I myself was going through a low phase then. I knew that something was wrong but did not know what.
And I meet this lady, bald but serene and she tells me; ‘I am going to dress in a trouser suit, wear a hat and then I will be ‘bald and beautiful’.
I looked at her and felt myself flooded with love and respect for her and resollved that whatever be wrong with me, I am going to fight it out.
Two years later she died. Yes she missed out on a lot of things, like seeing her grandchild, to be with her husband in his twilight. We all still mourn her loss but she taught us so many lessons, to live life by moments, to do what you dream of, to be smiling always.

There are a couple of things which we all should take care of;
First to get ourselves medically examined annually.
Not to neglect any recurring pains etc
Lastly to get ourselves medically insured. Cancer is such a disease that it leaves a big hole in our pockets. In my case I was young and naive when I was diagnosed with adenoma and didn’t have medical insurance. (And now no company is ready to cover me, that’s another story)
When anyone is diagnosed with cancer, the first question asked is whether its terminal, but ultimately it depends on us whether we want to terminate the disease or our life.

15 thoughts on “Terminal?

  1. Good post. Tragedy can strike at any time. Just few months back one of my relatives also had b. cancer and the shock and trauma she had to go through was unexplainable. She is just getting back to her usual self. In India we don’t have compulsory check ups and we give least importance to health. Only when the blow strikes people run helter- skelter searching for medication.Best wishes for your entry.

    I am also a member of Indus ladies. com . Let me see if I can also write something.

  2. really very inspiring post despite the pain it carries but how gracefully your aunt took cancers my god .Sometimes life teaches us very tough lessons .Very well written and inspiring post.May the message reaches to those victims too.thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see you again and again.

  3. Lovely post! That woman seems to have been really brave and so have you. I sometimes wonder how each of us will react when faced with similar situations….

  4. Your post bring tears to my eyes because I have seen many lives being snuffed out by cancer. I feel lucky and go through guilt at times for having survived where as many have lost their lives to this monster

  5. Hi Reema, such a tragic post.. made me weep.. the lady was diagnosed not once but thrice? That could really bring the strongest of strong people down! But I am glad she looked it in the face and was brave. My neighbour who was very close to me, became victim to cancer. So, it’s really painful to hear more stories. Blogadda must do more to bring greater awareness about this.

    • Yes, she was a very brave woman. She continues to inspire a lot many who were close to her or who knew her, a person of diverse qualities, she will be a shining example for many as to how to really live.

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