Do not make fun of us

I watched Golmaal 2 recently. you might be surprised why I watched this movie now. I had no intention of watching it, but the other day when I switched on the TV, this movie was running and as I had no other work, I watched it.
Agreed that Rohit Shetty knows how to direct movies but this Golmaal series makes fun of people with disabilities which is not agreeable to me. Now you might say that it’s just a movie and just see it and do not take it seriously. But to see blind or mute people made fun of, is not something which I can digest.
It is so very easy to make fun of someone’s disability, when in fact we should salute the guts of such people to take life head on. We cry when we have a simple surgery maybe a cataract removed or a hernia. SO just imagine the strength required for a deaf, a mute or a sightless person to just lead a normal life. Put yourself in their position and then imagine how it would be. Not easy, eh?
I may be reacting too much but then those are my feelings.
I have visual problems. I can see but have field defects. With my right eye I can see through the upper two quadrants and with my left only the upper right quadrant. NOw that might be difficult to understand how much I can actually see. Ok I will illustrate.
Suppose I am taking a walk, If I look straight, I would not be knowing if there si a pit in front of me. And if I look down, I would not be knowing if a vehicle comes in front of me and knocks me down. I think now you msut have understood the level of my sight.
So if I am meeting somebody I just fold my hands and say Namaste but some insisit on shaking hands but I wouldn’t be knowing that the person wants to shake hands. What happens then is that person thinks that I am a snob while the others sneer. I often stumble and the others laugh. I am telling you situations where in people don’t know about my visual defects.
I have stopped telling anyone because even if I do tell, the very first question they will ask is that why I do not wear specs. But what will a person do with specs if her eye nerves itself are damaged? If I explain this then the next reaction will be pity for my husband, which makes him very very angry. Both of us do not understand why we need pity. I am independent , do all my duties, yes I have some visual defects but I can manage.
It’s not just the common person but ophthalmologists too who come in the same bracket. Last year I was having continuous headaches and so went for an eye check up. While checking my eyes he continuously asked me not to accommodate him, poor fellow did not realise that my one good eye is so used to perform all the functions that it accommodates itself. When the check up was done and he had to deliver his ‘verdict’. He just held his head in his hands and sat. I had to console him, saying that i know the condition of my eyes, just tell me whether it has deteriorated further.
I saw a clipping on TV where a group of people with speech and hearing disabilities were communicating in sign language and they were having a lively conversation. For them we are the ‘outsiders’.
Somehow we make fun at the expense of others. We make fun of a Parsee or a ‘MAdrasi’ for their accents, we make fun of an obese person, in short we make fun of people for what we think is their shortcoming but what we forget is that we all are special.

16 thoughts on “Do not make fun of us

  1. Reema, that was heart-touching. I am really shocked to know about this condition but no, this is not sympathy, Infact, I feel proud of the way you’ve come out and showed us the other side of the coin.
    It’s true, even I got laughed at in my childhood days for being obese and yes, it did hurt so I know how it feels for you, when your condition is really something to worry about. Kudos to you for learning to accept it and live with dignity as a self-dependant lady.
    Such movies should be scrapped. I did watch it, but I decided one had to leave the brains at home to watch such movies.

  2. I fully agree with you. We should be proud of the physically challenged people because they live a normal life like others. They don’t need sympathy. At the same time, it is uncivilized to make fun of them. By the way, where are those protesters and demonstrators to do their job against this movie.

  3. That was a very pertinent point you made. We are great ones to laugh at and not with others.
    And I can understand and empathise with your visual disability since I have similar problems. With one eye and another partially affected, people often comment on my being a snob, because I can’t see their smile from far (even near) and so can’t return it, that is if I can see who it is at all! But like you, I am independent and can’t abide those who ask me ‘why not wear specs? why not get it operated? My nerves are dead due to uveitis. I don;t feel like telling them that I have seen specialists from AIIMS to Sankara Netralaya. Anyway, I am glad that we have the spirit to go on and do all the things everyone does. the only thing I miss is not being able to drive these days.

    • To tell u the truth, I am glad that somebody does understand me. ( I know I am being selfish). Because sometimes even those close to me cannot gauge my limitations.
      I don’t know what is uveitis, will google it. My eye nerves got damaged when I haemorraged while being operated for pituitary adenoma.
      But its only after all this that I have understood what life actually is, what is my purpose in life, the beauty of everything. Before that I used to take everything for granted

  4. Uveitis is the infection of the middle eye and it slowly damages the nerves. My right eye was first affected and I lost it completely about 5 years ago. The left one is also affected and the nerves are partially damaged too. some other complications were set right by surgery in the left eye and so now I am at least able to read and write again.

    Is your condition irreversible too? Take care. You seem to be much younger than me, but sight is sight, young or old. we can’t do without it.

  5. Hope you will find cure regarding eye sight problem.
    Regarding my blog please feel free to let me know if you want color change, font change or anything which you want it to be changed.
    sure change will be good for everyone

  6. Our bollywood thinks that ‘stammering’ is the best pill for laughter and umpteen number of films have used this pill in the name of comedy.Their vision and perceptions are so narrow that they can not see beyond this but it is unfortunate that cine goers enjoy such comedy!

  7. Hi Bhagya, This post touched a chord in my heart…It is an irony that a book is judged by its cover and physical deformity is being laughed at and is taunted!How hollow is it and those who laugh are to be laughed at..

    • Hey have u been reading my old posts. Feel great 🙂
      Yes somehow our sensibilities have become so crude that we rejoice at others shortcomings. Education, exposure does not help 😦

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