Our rituals-his and mine

I bathe him and then I take bath myself, I sit down, take out my chanting beads and start ‘Hare Krishna, ……’. He too starts, ‘Hale Klisna….., Hale Lama……’

Come lets freshen and then light the diyas.
He:I(says name) won’t, I am clean ,see.(shows me hands).
Me: Alright then no need but then you can’t light the agarbathi (incense sticks).
He: I will
Me: Then you have to wash your feet, hands, face ( being specific).
He goes obediently
[ In the morning its his father who does the pooja, evening its our duty]
I light the lamps, he takes out the agarbathi, perches on my arms, lights them.
I begin with invocation to Ganesh, then mool mantra and then….
‘Twamev mata cha pita tamev…..
and then its his turn;
Gulu blamha, Gulu Vishnu, gulu devo Maheshwara
gulu saksath, pala blahma, tasmayi shli guluve namaha. 🙂 😀

ANd then a prayer in konkani which we teach kids right from their birth
‘Swamideva (his name) vidya, buddhi, aysh, aarogya, sampathi divuna hod kolnu di’
‘Dear God let me grow big with education, intelligence, health, long life and wealth’
Needless to say that to bring him to say aloud this prayer has taken me three long years


14 thoughts on “Our rituals-his and mine

  1. Hi Bhagya, that’s so cute…You must feel so proud of all this. Our recent favorite is “Om Jai Jagadisha Hare”. During diwali she’s seen this sung so many times..by different people, that she thinks this is the way to pray and makes a “halla” if we start say “Gurur Brahma..” during the recent Guru Purnima.

  2. Gautam has picked up shlokas and prayers thanks to his school. I am not so rigorous with my pooja routine like you. I just light the diyas and do dhyan. Prayers are normally only for festival pujas.

  3. Oh you have a small kid? wonderful enjoy every stage, for before you can blink he would have grown up. I am having my second innings with my granddaughter 🙂

    • Oh yes, Now that he has started takinng his own decisions, I have already started feeling ‘Left out’
      You have a granddaughter, thats so nice. You get to relive childhood again. ANd as the saying goes-Asal se sood zyada pyara hota hain’- The interest is more valuable than the principal.

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