Some days

There are some days when I am extremely energetic, morning, noon or night, you will find me busy. Doing everything at one go. Yesterday was one of those days.
Friday being weekly holiday here, it is the one day which I pamper hubby dearest. (rest 6 days I pamper myself and the kid :)). Pamper meaning cook all his favourite stuff, since it is the only day when he eats leisurely. Rest 6 days he is always on the go. And so I exhausted myself. Result being that evening in a gathering in the temple,I kept on yawning so much that people around me followed suit and the speaker glanced a couple of times to see what was actually happening.
And so today I am extremely lethargic. Have kept the windows open so that some fresh air can enliven me, but a fly too found a way inside and is bothering me but just too lazy to brush it off the house.
Some days I am like this, disinterested, nonchalant and extremely lazy.
DO you too have such days?


6 thoughts on “Some days

  1. Hi Bhagya, Sure I do…exactly as you described. I’ve come to realize that its Ok for me to let my body rest sometimes. I remember times when I used to try to fight this feeling but, now I’ve accepted this rhythm of my body and co-operate with it rather than fight. It helps. I think you’ve earned the right to rest a little bit. Take care.

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