We had a scare

Our visa was under renewal and last Wednesday when we were checking the status of our application, got to know that it had expired, now that led us to a frenzy. Legally we should be out of the country within a month of the expiration of the visa and there was just about a week left for that.
That didn’t bother me much, mentally I am ever prepared to leave this country if that situation does arise, my concern was something else.
For the last 5 weeks my son is rehearsing for a dance routine for his school’s winter show. And in no way I was going to miss that. The officials would just have to physically put me in the plane instead.
However we came to know that it was a minor problem between the agent and the Authority and we relaxed a bit.
But by thursday evening, sonny started on a cold, Friday morning; he still had a cold and my prayers started. it was going to be the first time he would be on stage and I didn’t want him to miss it. Somehow everytime there was an event or a picnic he would be sick and would have to miss it.
You may wonder that why such a hype about a small winter show, but he had put in so much of hard work and I didn’t want it to be wasted.
By Friday evening he had a mild fever. Midnight his temperature soared to 38.4 degree C and we started on cold compress but it swelled some more and we started sponging him. Meanwhile he vomited twice. He felt some relief on vomiting the second time and then fell asleep. The time was 4.30 am and he was supposed to report at 8.45 at his school. The show was at 10 am. I accepted defeat that this time too he would have to miss it as in the earlier events.
At 8 am I called up his school updating him about the situation. Tehy were kind enough to suggest that if he is better, then we could bring him in late. My husband insisted that he would be fine and he was NOT going to miss the show.
He got up around 9 am to a mild fever, gave him breakfast, sponged him, gave medicines and rushed. One of the staff who was at the entrance, took him and sprinted inside.
His group was to perform at the end which kept us on the toes that how he could be. But the staff kept on updating us and took good care of him.
When the group actually started dancing, I could barely watch; the lady next to me lightly nudged me and passed me a tissue; yes tears were streaming down my eyes.

Our personal achievements look so little when compared to our kids minor steps isn’t it?


14 thoughts on “We had a scare

  1. So true and touching. Only parents can understand how these seemingly small achievements of our children are of such importance to us. Both of you did well to handle this high-tension situation. All is well that ends well.

    • Really. I don’t remember being so tense for any of my exams as much I was; sitting in front of the stage waiting for his groups’ turn.
      Kids falling sick are a big trial especially as he is still small and is not express properly what discomfort he has.

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Well done to the little GUY… Goood .. you see that is the problem abroad .. if it was in india we would have said oh never mind let him go and do it .. 🙂 if you know what i mean thas why when we were kids we were more robust …

    But fair play to the little one HATS of to him.. HE’s THE MAN 🙂

    and i hope you got ur visa thing sorted now ….

    and yes our achievements are minor.. but the kids each step is a WOWOWWO factor…


    • Earlier Families were bigger Bikram, we fell sick often, recovered too and life went on. Now families are smaller, focus entirely on them, we panic and the kids panic more. And especially with no domestic help, no family support, you tend to be more protective.
      Visa is still in progress, hope it will be sorted soon.

    • Yes it is only becoz of him that my son could make it that day, no doubt abt it at all. I have realised that when we want something badly, its those times when he tests our faith the most.

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