Sixth sense

Vidya felt uncomfortable. Her sixth sense was very strong expecially when it concerned her daughter Chethana. SHe knew something was wrong but how could she escape this board meeting.
Both Vidya and her husband Raj were working in good positions, she a Project head, he in HR; both working for different firms. WHen CHethana was conceived both were in a dilemma as to who would sacrifice his/her career. But then Raj’s mother has stepped in. He locked off their ancestral house and came to stay with them. Result being that Vidya went back to work when The baby was 4 months old.
Everything was going well, but last year, the loving granny died at he age of 60 of a massive heart attack.
Chethana was 10 and her granny’s death shook her up. She had always been very attached to her; her parents always being busy. It was not that she was not attached to her parents, she was, but her granny was her guide, her playmate and the one with whom she shared secrets.
T the same time their long time servant Ghani had to return to his native place as his wife was very sick, which confused Chethana even more and left her parents in a quandary as to how to run a home and how to look after Chethana. True she was independent now but the death of her granny and Ghanis return had left her confused.

Vidya had contacted an employment agency and kept a help, she was a middle aged woman, very loving caring and her presence reassured Vidya that there was someone who could fill her mil’s place. But Chethana was not happy. SHe was uncomfortable. Vidya thought that she was missing her granny and was just taking time to adjust.

But was I wrong?, thought Vidya, yesterday Chethana was about to tell something but was unable to tell her, why was Chethana acting strange nowadays. She was afraid to undress in front of her, at the slightest provocation she was crying, why, what was the matter?

The discussion was on full swing but Vidyas discomfort grew by the second, it grew so much that she became breathless. Her assistant noticed this and asked ‘Vidya, are you fine?’

‘No, Rakesh, I have to go hime’, and without waiting for an answer rushed out.

She didn’t bother to take her car, she was in no state to drive anyways and took the metro instead.

SHe quietly stood outside their home before inserting the key, she heard Rukma the new maid talking on the phone, but where was Chethana?

SHe inserted the key and rushed inside’ Chethana’, she screamed.

‘Mummy’, screamed she in return.

Vidya rushed inside Chethanas room to see a man fondling her.

In time the story stumbled out. The man had been following Chethana for long and finally he had suceeded in winning ove Rukma with money and today he had gained an entry into their home.

Vidya and Raj did not make a police complaint in fear. The enquiry would run years anyways and they were afraid for Chethana, would she be able to come out of this trauma.

Instead they complained at the employment agency and circulated the story in the social networks.

Chethana would take a long long time to come out of that trauma but she would, Vidya was sure of that. The next step was to make her independent to teach her self defense; yes that was the priority now.

But she wondered what would have happened if her sixth sense had not alerted her?

14 thoughts on “Sixth sense

  1. Many such things happen these days, Children must be protected at all cost. I think when we are responsible for children and when they need our support we must be beside them. Entrusting children to paid help has its own repercussions

  2. I guess, for this reason, I never had the guts to leave my young children on maids ever. There have been terrible stories on similar lines, which I’ve read that make me shiver. You brought out a very pertinent point that a parent always has to be tuned in to any strange behavior which a child exhibits. More often than not, there is a reason behind it. A very true to life story and scary too.

  3. this should not be taken lightly. very preposterous crime and wrong doer should be punished harshly.
    public awareness very necessary.
    sixth sense, some intuitive force saving us.
    might be the grandma

    • very true, but parents are afraid to go to the police stations to lodge a complaint because the delay caused in getting the wrongdoers punished and in the process the victim is more traumatised

  4. Bhagya, I did it.I gave up a lucrative job for my child, not that I was well off. But priority at that time was for my baby. Later I did develop my career too.

  5. This can happen anywhere, In India and outside too. One of the reasons, i don’t leave my kids with anybody except their grandparents. I preferred to put them at a pre-school rather than hire somebody home to leave them with while I was a working mom. Its scary with toddlers because they cannot express what happened. But, like you have shown, age doesn’t matter, it can happen with bigger kids too!

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