Eeks; medicines

‘Eeks medicines! three in a day!!’, my friend shrieked, ‘aren’t you fed up of taking sooo many.’

I just smiled.

Early this year my mom had a fall. Initially everyone thought that maybe it’s because of high/ low blood pressure. But on examination it was known that one of the veins which carries blood to the brain is narrow. So when she got up in the morning there was a sudden rush of blood, the body could not balance itself and she fell. Result, she was given a medicine to thin the blood, so that it flows easily.

All these happenings are not told to me until the cause and the remedy are fully known, reason being that I am so far away and if I panic then who will look after me.

So in these cases it is my brother and sister who have to bear the brunt.

My mother was very upset that now apart from all other medicines, she has to take on more, their side effects; blah blah. blah. My sister could hear no more and she blurted out that the life you are living is a bonus, why worry about side effects now. ( Meaning you are old, stop bothering about such things and enjoy what you have). That jolted her a bit. Same thing was told to me in my last visit. My reply.’Amma i have been dependent on medicines since I was not even 30, what should I say?’ Needless to say we have never heard her cribbing about medicines and side effects since then.

Live healthy; eat healthy, exercise, laugh, pray but still if you have to take medicines, don’t think; just pop a pill. Life has much more to offer than worrying about the number of medicines to be taken and their side effects.


16 thoughts on “Eeks; medicines

  1. That is touching. My grandparents are both heart patients and they have to take atleast 3 different medicines 3 times a day. And they have to take them because they need to be healthy. 🙂
    So, there is no escaping medicines I guess. One must only know when one is abusing their use.

  2. Better said than done, I think. I’ve known with my experience that I crib even though its just a matter of popping a pill. And I forget most of the time. Still, Thanks to medicine and science we people live much longer healthier lives today.

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