On fears and transgressions

We were watching ‘Raaz Picchle Janam Ka’ on NDTV Imagine in which people with fears are invited to be a part of the show and a cause for their fears is tried to find out by past life transgression.

It was a good episode, the invitee that day was Mahima Chaudhary, she told that she feared travelling in speedy cars. SHe was put under hypnosis and taken into her past life, wherein it was discovered that she died because of an accident while travelling in a jeep at full speed.

At the end of the show, the program host said that if you have any fears please contact us.

So I sat down with my gmail open trying to think of what and how to write, actually which fear to write about 😉

  • I am afraid of step escalators, feel that my feet will be stuck into them.
  • I am afraid of the noise the wet grinder makes.
  • I am afraid that in crowded places iI will lose sight of my son and hence hold his hand tight.
  • Any new situation scares me

I could go on and on but I stopped writing my email; Was afraid that if I send the email the receiver might have to go for past life transgression himself. 😛

My husband’s analysis;

A soul keeps on taking births and  I must have accumulated all these fears from all my previous births. Guess I have been a BIG paapi ( sinner) to keep on taking so many births. phew.


6 thoughts on “On fears and transgressions

  1. I haven’t seen this nd of a prog.. I am also scared of going in speedy cars. May be in last janma I too had a similar fate like that of Mahima’s who knows?. I am afraid to drive cars too. Though I have made several attempts:)

  2. I am sure to have a longer list of sins than yours! It is a viscious circle isn’t it? Commit sin – rebirth – commit more sin – rebirth and on and on…It takes a long while before we start realising to make amends for the sins made in our previous births and we again take births because one is not enough to make amends for the ALL that we did. So in short, I am going to be around for a very long time 🙂 and I hear many saying…NOOOOOOOOO..hehe!

  3. My father had told me a story before he died. He told me about a man, who when asked what he wants to be in his next janma or wants mukti…he chose to be born in any form, but close to his home. Even if he had to be an insect, he chose to be close to his home, his people..After that, I always felt that my father must be around us..born again because, that’s what he craved..

    So, bhagya..maybe you’ve taken these janma’s by your own choice if you go by my version 🙂

    Personally, I do believe in rebirths..and if that was ur version of rebirths (being paapi)..then, the cycle would never end 🙂
    because humans are by composition, predisposed to committing sins.

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