1st post of 2011

I sit with my laptop, wanting to type something spectacular, something to mark the beginning of a new year ( which will make the readers go ooh and aah and write in lots of comments).

The hubby gets up rubbing his eyes and my moment is gone, I get up to make tea and breakfast.

The day just moves on like that, the laptop being possessed by the parmeshwar and the prathameshwar, I look plaintively at them but they just don’t notice. No, I can’t be verbal, because I blog on the sly me being asked to reduce my usage of any visual media.

Evening I get ready with the evening meal and entertaining of some friends, the whole evening just passes by with me wishing to type something. Of course I had a good time but…. I so wanted to make a grand beginning.

Thats how the start was of my new year but that’s alright, today is a working day and I get a chance to write something maybe not anything spectacular but a post nevertheless.

Have a fantabulous 2011


6 thoughts on “1st post of 2011

  1. Shubh arambh of another year. Your post made me visualize u trying to pen your thoughts..sittin at a window with the rays coming from the other side, so the play of shadows would hav created a good photo moment! :-)..I was actually listening to a very nice song as I was reading your post so I guess the visuals..

    • LOL Gayatri good visualization but no, I was not sitting by a window, most of the flats in Bahrain will not have a window in the hall, where I sit with my laptop, but I liked to imagine myself the way u have visualized 🙂

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