Effects of the visual media

My soon to be 4 yr old son has started noticing, understanding and applying whatever he sees on Television. A brief here about what happens after:

Ad -Santoor;
Madhavan dancing to a choreographer who looks very young to be a mom

I ignore ( how dare he calls me by my name)
He again-Bhagyaa
Can’t stop my laugh and I say Hmm
Use this soap, then maybe you will dance better

I pick up a bag of Kotex when we go to the supermarket, he keeps on asking what it is until exasperated I tell him that it is something like pampers to be used by me. Next time the ad comes and he looks at it intently and I know something is coming up.
Same evening when I take some time in the bathroom, he whispers to his Dad; Amma is putting pamper; hence the time

After having chocolates he refuses to wash his hands and gargle, I yell ‘keetanu, keetanu’ and lo he is all washed up.

Ad: Vanish
He comes back from school, his white shirt all soiled up with chocolate cake which he had in school, I scream ‘How am I ever going to make it white again’ He smiles and says,’ Use Vanish”.

Program-Power rangers on MBC 3
Puts on his winter cap, a cloth in the guise of a cloak and shouts Power Ranger-Jungle fury

Gattubhai on Baa Bahoo and baby
When I am at my wits end on making him eat; I say that its Gattubhai’s favourite. ( i don’t use this trick often as the novelty may go off

Movie, Ganesha Part 2
In a particular scene in the movie the trouser of the ‘hero’ is torn and Ganesha mends it up.
He is late for his school, while putting his trouser the hook comes off and I hurriedly run to get a needle and thread,
He says ‘Amma wait’ and proceeds to say- Om Gan Ganapathaye Namah. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


22 thoughts on “Effects of the visual media

  1. Very interesting. Most of the kids these days are aware of all the thing. There gk is high and they expect mom’s to be like the mom’s they see in tv ads. The kotex ad remimded me of my son how he reacted in the similar way but when he saw the ad in Tv. He said amma a new thing for you.:) My son has grown up Reema, Enjoy this period, they grow up fast.

  2. This is the same story in my home as well. Due to media, kids are becoming very smart but on the other hand they cultivate a habit of highly demanding , hyperactive & above all highly fashionable. We can patiently watch their actions of their childhood as in years to come when our house will be still only
    the beautiful memories it’s rooms may fill.

  3. hahaha! Kids can come up with some very innovative way of thinking. I remember a friend of mine sharing one such incident she had when she was at the hospital with her son, waiting to see the doctor along with many other patients sitting in the waiting-room. A television was switched on and there came an ad. The son quickly grabbed his mum’s hands and shouted aloud in Tamizh “Amma, nee vaanguviey, athu paaru tv le” (meaning: Mum look they are showing the same thing on TV, that you always buy). It was an ad for Whisper sanitary pads!

    I think the most embarassing moment was quoted by another friend who was out at a shopping mall with her hubby and son. As they walked past each shop, their son ran into a shop and pointed to a bra and shouted at his father saying..”Dad this is mummy’s size!!”….hahaha…..Dad ran away with his son from the shopfront!

  4. I found the Kotex one really funny. My son is still trying to figure out why a grownup like mummy needs diapers :). and the Lifebuoy one works to your advantage. My son, Gautam, says that you say that maggi is bad, but the ad says Tasty bhi, healthy bhi. And, to top that, the mom is feeding her kids everyday whereas you only give me once in a while. So then I have to begin my lecture :). Kids, I tell you…

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