BIN it

I was hurrying, my son had an appointment with the ophthalmologist and my husband was arriving any moment to pick us up. I locked the door and went towards the staircase when our Egyptian neighbours said a HI, I allowed them to pass over. Impeccably dressed, perfect make up and a whiff so strong that my nasal passages hitherto blocked due to a cold opened up and gasped for breath.

I followed them downstairs and stood near the main entrance waiting for my husband, when one ladies opened their car and sat. The one on the passenger sat inside the car, then remembered that she had a garbage bag, opened the door and threw it there itself; right in the middle of the door. Before I could recover from the shock, they were gone.

Within moments some cats had attacked the bag and the contents were all lying across.

These ladies must be spending hundreds of Dinars on their clothes,their make up, their perfumes and if I am not wrong on their gym membership, what harm or loss they would have made if they had just put the garbage in the bin just across the road. They would have just burnt of some calories.

In Bahrain as soon as a building gets its electricity and water supplies, the very next thing it gets is a garbage bin. Every morning a worker of the cleaning company sweeps the in lanes while a cleaning truck collects the garbage from these bins in the night. The same truck also sweeps and washes the main roads in the night.

So much is done to keep the city clean and what do the residents do? Throw the garbage wherever they feel like. Homes are kept sparkling while the outsides are littered.

In Mangalore there was a garbage bin just in front of our house. We used to watch people arriving by car, opening u the door and throw their bags, the chances that the bag would land in the bin were minimal. Once when we flagged a car to stop and pointed out that his bag had landed outside, the same person who did not have time to put the bag in the bin, got down from the car to fight with us.

Are we losing our civic sense with the increase in literacy rate?

22 thoughts on “BIN it

  1. This is a problem we face almost everywhere in India and it’s almost impossible to check. I , personally feel not only disappointed but helpless when I am struck with the fact that this might never change in my lifetime or even beyond.

  2. This is an attitude problem.Even in our building we face this problem. People are abusing surroundings like anything.But it is going to have its own repercussions. No wonder why we are facing new diseases day by day , we are providing a suitable environ for the killer germs.

    • You are right, no doubt this chikengunia and what was the fever 2yrs back tomato fever or something, must be the cause of all this rubbish which help in breeding mosquitoes, germs and what not

  3. This is a normal scene in Bangalore where house hold garbage packed in thin polythene bag is thrown like a ball from a distance by maid servants as well as house keepers and it falls on the road missing a hit at the designated bin!

  4. shameless people … This is so bad .. I dont appreciate doing that end of the day we live here and its our responsibility to make sure its clean..

    I would have picked the rubbish bag and thrown it back in there car.. take ur rubbish with u ..

    I have done it plenty of times here, if i see someone thrown anything like that i have made sure they come back to pick it up and i have made them take it with them
    offocurse the uniform helps too and a 65pound fine ticket does the trick all the time 🙂

  5. It is a common thing in India, where people stupidly believe in keeping their houses clean but their surroundings dirty by throwing garbage outside their own homes! But in a reputedly clean city like Bahrain something like this happening is surprising. Civic sense has nothing to do with eduction as in getting degrees, but is all about good breeding and upbringing.

    • I agree but I thought when we learn about environmental science, moral science etc, if a person does not have common sense atleast he or she will make use of the knowledge they have gained; yes; I know, I have been proved wrong

  6. Here, where I live, fortunately, to the point we Indians don’t loose our self respect (and also because of the fines that the association and municipality can put on us) ..people do maintain the basic civic sense.
    In India, the municipality itself how can it levy fines from the public..But, in Bahrain..since the gov does so much to keep it clean..doesn’t it charge fines from public soiling places like this?

    • If anybody litters the main road or throws trash out of the window of the car, they are fined, Gayatri, but not the bylanes of residential areas. Bahrain is a small island, Buildings are close by, space is at a premium here. So to keep tab of such bylanes, it would need a huge force 😛

  7. Sad and a very big problem in India. I feel very strongly against this, and most times the educated people do this. It is all a problem of attitude with Indians, they don’t think twice about coming to quarrel but would pay no attention to reason.

  8. Here we have the council collect waste once a week. We get a recycle bin, waste bin and if required a green bin. The recycle bin and green bin waste is collected every alternate week, which again is by the council truck.

    The amount of waste we generate amazes me. And the “don’t care” attitude we have in India is the reason for many things. I have seen those circular waste bins on the road where the garbage bags are lying all around it. Sometimes the bins sit upside down!

    Really, how hard would it have been for that lady to just toss the bag into a bin before getting into the car? I guess, let us all do the right thing and continue doing. Hopefully others will follow suit sometime down the line.

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