New Uses

Sofas are not to sit but to jump like on trampolines

Pencils are just not to write on paper but on floor tiles too.

Washing machines are to wash toys.

Beds are an artists workstation.

Dining table are racing car tracks.

Television is to watch only cartoons

Laptop is for ‘youtube.

Sorry’s are the ultimate weapon to escape punishments.

And ‘I love you’s’ to placate a fuming Mama. 😀 😛


8 thoughts on “New Uses

  1. offcoruse they are.. I guess the little one is having a ball of a time and Mummy dear is having a hard time .. he he he he


    awww and how can you fume after hearing the I love you 🙂
    god bless ..


  2. Little ones are same children too used to play TT on dining table and jump on the bed allt he time and my MIl would get furious:)

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