The 1st decade of the 21st century had not been kind to me; healthwise that is. Otherwise it was alright, got married, had a kid, chucked my career.
So when the second decade started I was all excited, hoping for new avenues to unfold. But alas till date it has not been good. Nothing serious just the cold cough fever type.

Started with cough and cold right in the beginning and because it refused to go away, had to take antibiotics. I had just finished my course when son came down with a viral. Yes the next victim was me.

And because of this continous sickness, my vision is blurred, so will be off blogging and blog hopping.

Missing my mom and sis and their TLC.


8 thoughts on “SICK!!

  1. Oh, hope you get well soon! But, too early to comment on the second decade, it has only begun. I am sure it will surprise you with many wonderful things that will come along your way.

  2. Oh ho.. GET WELL SOOOON 🙂 and look on positve way u got sick early and soon u will be fine and then the whole year no sickyyyyy 🙂

    take care now

  3. Hi Bhagyashree!

    Dont worry so much! You will get well soon and things will get better. All that happens, happens for the best! Take care… my thoughts are always with you so do not feel lonely 🙂

  4. Hi Bhagyareema, Wishing get well soon! Seeing our kids being sick is very disheartening. I hope your son has recovered. Virals are very painful, in the sense, we have to wait for the fever to come down by itself. I’m sure your family is blowing a lot of get well wishes your way :-)too! Take care.

  5. I am not bothered about the cold/cough/viral thing, but do take care of the eye, child. Be off with blogging for a while to let it heal a bit. We tend to push ourselves when our sight is slightly better and then this…Praying for the speedy recovery of your vision.

    And here is all the TLC I can take and a biiiiiiiiiiiiig hug 🙂

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