Roller Coaster

Way back in 2002, I was getting bored sitting at home, not getting any jobs which I liked. There were many who suggested that I take up a teacher’s job but I was a bit apprehensive. Patience is a virtue that I do not possess.

But then there was an opening for a Commerce ( Business Studies) lecturer and I thought why not. I could make the subject interesting and how difficult would it be to control 15 year olds.

And so I walked in. I had come to know of the opening at a short notice and so had not got much time to prepare, also I was wearing a trouser suit after a long time and was a bit uncomfortable.

The Principal of the British Curriculum met me, we had a pleasant chat and then he asked me for a demonstration, I explained that it was a long time since I was out of a classroom, my subject knowledge was a bit rusted. He said it did not matter, they just wanted to see my style of teaching. Now we turned out to be a panel of 10 academicians including the Principal.

I gave my demo using lot of current business topics, giving lot of examples imagining the audience to be 15 year olds rather than the experienced academicians that they were. I was stopped midway; the Principal shook hands and said that they loved my deliverance especially the common examples which I had taken to make the ‘students’ understand. And that i would be hearing from them soon.

I was ecstatic. I had never believed that I could teach and then to be appreciated thus by a British was really ‘something’. And I floated out.

I was just going out when a messenger came running stating that the Chairman wanted to meet me and then slowly added that it meant that I was selected and so I flitted to the Chairman’s chamber.

The Chairman gazed me from top to bottom and my discomfort on the suit returned. AFter the introductions were over he said that the panel had appreciated me but did I have experience, I replied in the negative. Any experience, he asked, I just replied that I used to assist my sister when she used to give tuitions, but that is not experience he said.

The next question that he asked stumped me. Do you have kids he asked, when I said no he said that how could I understand the psyche of kids when I was not a mother. I argued that its my knowledge and my way of teaching which should be the criterion for my selection. I did not have experience but as an MBA I was trained to give presentations, group discussions etc and that should help me in teaching but he didn’t buy that logic.

I could have argued more but that he was a septuagenarian and somewhere the values being instilled in childhood to give respect to age came in between.

And so I came out with mixed emotions. On one hand I was happy that a panel of academicians had appreciated my skills, on the other hand I was dejected that I had been rejected just because I was not a mother yet.

The Principal did call me a couple of times later saying that I just had to be in his team. I refused. The spirit to be a teacher had died in me.

Ultimately the students were at a loss, they missed being taught by a dynamic ME. 😛

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16 thoughts on “Roller Coaster

  1. Yes so true there loss…
    look you win some you loose some … thats how i beleive it all .. When i was in india i got rejected a lot many times at places cause my parents said a flat NO to give BRIBE… which now i am thankful to them for doing it …
    but with the same qualifications i come to UK and touchwood I have got jobs at all the places i have applied for my current job i had three people offering me job and i took the one nearest to my home then ..

    So you see you win some you loose some and I am better off now then what i would have been in india, would have still been living in my dad’s house .. using his car NOW i got my own house and my own stuff …

    so I never feel sad over rejection a door always opens and often a better one …


  2. Oh that’s a well written post on the blend of emotions.
    Sigh! Some people deserve the respect only for their age and nothing else 😦 But, being appreciated by that panel was a great thing for sure 🙂
    All the best 🙂

  3. So similar, you and me, Bhagya! I am an MBA too, and I taught for a year here. I had no training or teaching experience as well. I was glad and fortunate that the Principal felt that I brought on a professional approach to teaching and that my innovative methods made it more interesting for the students. I only quit when I got pregnant a second time. But, I cherish that one year that I taught. It was foolish the logic of being a mother to teach children. My younger son’s class teacher is a young lady, he loves dearly. She is so beautiful with him, and she is not even married let alone a mother. The Chairman was old and set in his ways. But, I feel that you must give it a try again if your heart really lies in that direction. It is a wonderful thing to be surrounded by inquisitive children. You would make a great teacher to them for sure.

    I voted for you too though the Indiblogger contests are shams because you would find that the voting is hardly based on merit. Your post is really good!

    • Thanks Rachna for the vote and even otherwise 🙂
      I feel teaching is a very sacred profession and right now I lack the energy required for it. Normal routine work saps up my energy levels and to teach at this juncture will be difficult. My son too has a very young teacher who dances, playys and yet teaches these tiny tots. But who knows what the Chairman had in mind? Some people are so fixed in their thoughts that nothing can shake them.
      About indiblogger I was reading some posts and this incident came to my mind and so wrote. Asking for votes and then winning is not my idea of creativity at all 😉

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