At a time when the cold refuses to go away; it’s not exactly cold but the cold winds blowing are just another story, I just hate going outside and I hate being cooped up in the house. Tough situation isn’t it. And so on these days I reminisce about old times and what gives more warmth than remembering old friends.

Bhilai used to be quite cold but when I think back what do I remember most? Gajar ka halwa, sarson ka saag, makki di roti, mooli ke parathe, sitting out in the afternoon sun soaking in the sun and endless chats with friends. There is something about growing up together isn’t it, you seem to be tied together with some invisible cord which refuses to be cut. And even though you move away your separate ways, on cold days like these you sit with a cup of tea and remember all those days when you shared jokes and giggled, passed notes in a boring class while keeping a very attentive face, acting out plays reading out from some book and you wonder where they have all gone away.

And so on one such day I had called up a friend’s place only to know that Rita is a Doctor, married and settled now in Bhopal. Imagine her surprise when I talked to her. We had been the bestest friends in school, there is nothing that we have not told each other, nature wise though we are the exact opposites. I erupt quite often, she is the stable one, I speak and then think; she thinks and then speaks. But we understand each other perfectly.

And so the quest began, I located Renuka and Rakhee too while orkuting. I am not a big fan of social networks but yes they do help in keeping friends. Technology is wonderful isn’t it, you may be in Hyderabad or Australia, you can still keep in touch. Yes Renuka is a software engineer working in HYD while Rakhee is an audiologist/speech therapist in Aus. Both multi talented, understanding and provide wonderful support.

Nidhi was one whom I had searched high and low, knew she was in Pune and had even searched the directory there but had failed to locate her, it was Facebook which made us meet again. Nidhi is one with whom I fight, argue and still can’t live without her. She taught me how to enjoy life actually and she says that she learnt a lot from me too, maybe she did, don’t know.

Just a couple of months came in touch with Josly; again through FB. Josly is one whose memory is perfect. Ask her about any day in our school life and she will give the exact details

I believe that childhood friends are irreplaceable. They know you inside out, you grow together sharing tiffins, pranks, secrets, crushes that the bond remains and so these very precious friends are still ……….. very precious to me. LOVE you all.

A very special friend whom I met in blogosphere and became friends celebrates her birthday today. Happy Birthday dearest and hope you have a blast on your special day.

18 thoughts on “FRIENDS

  1. That’s a heart warming post. Connecting with friends can be wonderful. and yes, social networks have their uses too and what better than uniting friends?

  2. YES you r right they are irr-replacable i am sure you have read my views on that .. friends are friends I talk to most almost everyday and its always something new ..

    and you had saag and makki ki roti wowowowowwowow now my mouth is watering i need to eat those 🙂


  3. Such wonderful memories, and you made me nostalgic for gajar ka halwa, buknu (a special powder made in winters by my mother) with roti, shaljam ki subzi, parwal ki sabzi, yum, yum, yum… Winters were cold and very beautiful growing up in Agra, Allahabad and Lucknow. I still can taste the yummy peanuts roasted in baalu… And, friends are extra special. FB is a real life saver. I too have connected with some old friends on FB, some after 20 years :). Lovely post!

    • Friends are life savers. and for that FB ki jai ho.
      Somehow I always associate winters with food. Earlier gobhi, gajar etc were in abundance only in winters and we used to look forward to eating loads of them

  4. Agreed! Childhood friends live on for life. Except for a few friends, that we make in college and professional days, the ones we had in school be around us for lifetime!

    Lovely post!

  5. Thank you so much Reema! I havent been very communicative these past few days and I am feeling so guilty about that but Im planning to mail you in a day or two…

  6. Thanks Reema for all the sweet appreciations for me.You made my day. It really made me nostalgic & tears rolled over my chubby cheeks.You are right Reema as the year pile up, nostalgia increases. Our best part of our life was those days which was filled with all fun & laughter – a tension free life.So soon 30 years passed.Things look as if it passed yesterday only.May the almighty God keep all our friends with perfect harmony,love & peace.We friends are treasures for each other.Me too love you all…..

    • OH sorry that my write up made u miss ur friends but Dr. friends do that, when they aare with us, they make us feel as if we are on seventh heaven if far, we miss them 🙂
      Glad that u liked my post

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