2 55 ers and some gyan

She couldn’t help it, just had to go out for provisions. She hurried inside the supermarket. Threw in stuff in the trolley when there was a thud.
That was it, the end of her life and she shut her eyes, only to open it a second later.
The toddler behind had dropped his milk bottle.


The Hurry
He looked at his watch, it said 11.40 am, he had promised his wife that he would be home by 12 noon. The drive would take at least half an hour over the highway. She would panic, what could he do?
He reached home in 10 minutes. The panic had kept people away from the roads.


I am not going to sermonize or to take sides but just appeal. As expats there is so little that we can do. But what we can do is not to panic. To keep our ears open and not to spread fear.

What we can do is to remember that the sources of information are not always fair, hear what is being said but use your intelligence to deduce.

And if we can’t do even that…………shut of the television, the internet, the mobile. Spend time with your family.

Panic creates confusion, keep calm, think and then react.

10 thoughts on “2 55 ers and some gyan

  1. Very interesting look at things. I totally agree with your consensus – if we allow too many liberties, all we would get to hear are those don’t-panic screams from scared people.

  2. Somebody like me would be all wired up and look to internet or TV for information. But, you are right about controlling the panic. And, sometimes the news can be biased too though I really do rely on the BBC, yet those in the thick of things would know best.

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