In one of our sessions, the topic was nothing fancy just ‘Failures are stepping-stones to success’. But the speaker made it very interesting. During the course of his lecture, he told us about the HOLES principle.
It made me sit and think, see if it helps you too;

H-Hear. This trait is fast disappearing. We are so lost in the sounds of our own voice, that we have ceased to listen. Stop, hear what the other person is saying.

O-Observe. We see but we do not observe. In many a times observation can bring a revolution in our lives.

L-Learn. Learn from what you have heard and observed.

E-Experience-Apply what you have learnt in your life.

S-Share– And finally share with others what you experiences with others. Remember ‘Sharing is gaining’

Is it not simple and easy to understand and apply. And definitely very effective.


12 thoughts on “HOLES

  1. Hi Bhagya..Hearing, Listening, as much as I try…I do realize I’m so self absorbed most times..as are many people that I talk to. I think once one is able to hear somebody out…observation and the rest may follow.
    I try a lot of retrospect..to help me fix my blunders..but, again I fail mostly. šŸ˜¦ Thanks for sharing this..Its like a reminder that I need again and again. Most of us do.

  2. hiee…true fact..most of the time we listen to the other person but it hardly gets applied in our life..the OBSERVING part.. hard to imply in the fast life..
    seems we need regular remainders like these to escape the mistakes in our life.!

  3. I like the article šŸ™‚ uptil sharing cause in todays world if you share how many actually listen to you or gain from ur experience šŸ™‚

    My job is such that I got to hear and listen and Observe a LOT of things before coming to a conclusion .. and that conclusion becomes BELEIF šŸ™‚

    good one


    • Glad that u liked it Bikram. U got a point. Like the Gita says do ur karma, and do not expect any rewards. So sharing is ur duty, whether anyone takes advantage of that or not, is beyond my control šŸ™‚

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