Can you ever understand a person? thought Rathi. Almost two years into her marriage and she did not know whether she knew Abhay at all.

But then did her mother understand her father, a docile woman compared to her self-assured father, she took his word as a command, never expressing her wishes or her wants even though her husband insisted that she aired her own thoughts. According to her mother for a dutiful wife her husband’s wish was the ultimate truth.

And so Rathi has started her marital journey in a confused state of mind, whether to be dutiful or assured, to accept what he said or say No if he was wrong and so on.

Coming to a foreign country was even more confusing, how to behave, how to talk, oh so many confusions. But the most confusing part was Abhay’s behaviour.

He was frustrated that he did not have a job that he was qualified for and then when he got one he complained that he was being sidelined because he was an Indian. In other ways he was good. He never complained about how the house was kept or if the curry was salty, he listened to what she said (at least he pretended to) and yes he was a good lover. But she never knew when his temper would burst or for what reason.

Last week they had been to a party and it seems everyone were quite impressed with her dusky looks and her sari. And that had made Abhay very proud. But then he had become angry saying that why she was flirting with everybody. ‘I was so very confused with the different conversations going around that whom would I flirt with’, she thought.

Just then Abhay came home and she had no more time to think


Rathi lay on the bed shocked, what had happened that day had shocked her to the deepest core.

Abhay earlier had told her that his Boss had liked her a lot and wanted to spend some time with her. Rathi in her innocence did not understand the actual meaning and had said, ‘Sure, we will invite him one day for lunch.’

And so Abhay had explained what Ryan actually wanted. She had been shocked and had cried out that how he could have even suggested something like that . Hadn’t he vowed to look after her, protect her. To which ABhay had called her inconsiderate. His boss was asking a favor, just for one time could not she go with him. Didn’t she see that his promotion was banking on her. Couldn’t she see that he would get a raise. What use was chastity when they had to forsake a good life for its preservation, he argued.

And before she could argue her, took her to Ryan who had booked a room in a Hotel and left her.

Ryan had been more considerate than what Abhay was. Seeing that she was upset, he just talked with her and when Abhay came, asked her to go. But she caught the whispers,’Next time’, raise, promotions etc’ and she understood that there would be another time too and probably many many more times and maybe there would be no end to it until Abhay was satisfied with his possessions.

She had to escape but how?

She was absentminded at office and messed up most of the work until Mrs. Pinto the Goan secretary of the GM stepped in and asked what the matter was. Her matronly tone touched Rathi and she told whatever had transpired.

And then Mrs.Pinto asked, “If you return, will your parents accept you?’

”Yes, My father’s parting words were that, to remember that they were always there for me’.

So you want to go away from here?’


And so they made a plan. Rathi would withdraw her savings, and somehow take out her passport from the locker without Abhay knowing it. Mrs. Pinto would make arrangements for the ticket’.

That evening Abhay told that the next day, she had to go to Ryan and Rathi gasped. That meant she had less than 24 hours to escape.

Luckily Abhay got a call on his mobile but because the network was not good had to go out of the flat to listen clearly. Rathi made good that chance and took out her passport and sent a SMS to Mrs. Pinto that she had to escape the next day.

The next morning she left home on pretext of going to the office but instead went to the Bank and withdrew all her money by that time Mrs. Pinto called to tell that her ticket was ready and told her to come to the airport by noon, as her flight was at 2.30 pm.

Rathi returned home, by that time Abhay had left for work. She packed hurriedly, took all her documents, jewellery and left in time ro check in. Mrs. Pinto was at the airport with the ticket and told her that she would handle Abhay if he called at the office.

Rathi checked in but was fidgety, till she boarded the flight she would be tense. What if Abhay came to know, what if he lodged a complaint as fugitive, what if…… a dozen doubts ran though her mind.

But nothing happened, she boarded the flight and flew home.


There are a million Rathis out here, some forced to trade themselves for their better half’s wishes, some abused, some disillusioned. Many won’t be lucky to escape, many won’t be able to get their passports and all may not get a Mrs. Pinto and many just won’t have the guts to escape.

22 thoughts on “ESCAPE!!

    that abhay character needs to be shot dead..

    you seen indescent proposal the movie ..

    Rathi shud have slapped the little B____ or caleld the police 999 simple call and how can a human being degrade themselves oso much .. to the effect to actually put there wife on the line …

    Bit then i guess we indian has our Mythology too on the similar scenes

    • Such people do exist Bikram. and do u think calling the police would have helped? In places like the middle east, it would have just meant that Abhay would have been given a warning and let go. Who knows what would have been Rathi’s fate then?
      Our teachings tell us to respect our husband’s wishes but then we also have the example of Durga Kali etc. Which means not to suffer injustice.
      On the other hand our teachings also say that a man is to respect his wife and to protect her.

  2. I know that it happens, and it makes me feel sick that so many women have to suffer. What if she had nowhere to go or no parental support, she might have to put up with it. My heart goes out to such women. Wish we could do more.

    • True Rachna. In many a case the parents won’t be ready to take in their married daughter.
      What we can do is to be always there for each other 🙂 Moral support gives a lot of courage to speak out. Speaking out is the first step isn’t it?

  3. It is so easy to say that I would have done so and so if I were in her shoes etc. God only knows how terrifying it would be for a woman in her position and that too in a foreign country!

    • Yes DCG. Imagine being alone and faced with such a terrow. Abroad you are absolutely dependent upon ur husband for emotional support and if something like this happens…. It is absolutely terrorising

  4. That was indeed a lucky escape for a victim of domestic abuse. However, unlike other forms of violence which the women put up with for the sake of the family ‘honour’ this is one case where EVERY woman would rebel and want to escape. It makes one cringe to accept that this sordid thing is a fact.

    • I heard about a couple of cases here and it made me think about how the victim felt. Rathi escaped but many a times one does not. Reasons may be many- passport may be hidden somewhere, she might not be working and so many not be having any money, she might have complained but maybe she would not have got any help and so on

  5. God! what kind of person Abhay was?horrible!

    I think Rathi could have slapped her when Abhay told him to do favors for his boss and divorced him for this act. She would not needed to be escaped like this.One has to be strong to fight such situations.
    Beautiful narration and it really touched my heart……It did.

    • Maybe if she was in India, it would have helped if she gave him a slap, gave a complaint and divorced him.
      Abroad if she had slapped him he would have hit her back locked her up, and would have hidden her passport.
      If she had complained to the police at least here they would just not have bothered to interfere in the matters of an expat couple. The ladies association would have helped but you never know…

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