Another step forward

So we have taken another step forward. Meaning that sonny got admission into LKG and thats a cause for celebration more for us than for him. Husband dear stood dutifully overnight to get hold of a form and me being the dutiful wife πŸ˜› took hold of the home front and supplied him with the khana peena at the appropriate times.

The interview went well, sonny darling replied to the question,’What is your name?’ and proceeded to let his eyes do the talking in the remainder of the interview which led the interviewers to believe that he does understand and will be able to manage in a classroom.

I went into jubilation mode only to hear that , ‘No, I am not going to THAT school.’ I felt my heart leap into my mouth and hurriedly asked , ‘WHy?’ To hear,’NO means NO’. Obviously he is just imitating my style. 😦

Repeated enquiry, has yielded the following reasons why he does not like the new school:

  • The school is BIG, he may get lost
  • It does not have a garden. It does have a playground but in the present school that he is going to (nursery), it has a slide, swing, see-saw, dollhouse etc. And finally the clincher
  • The teachers are old. I was a bit shocked Old? I asked. Yes, he replied all wearing either the dress that u wear (salwar) or trouser he said with a shrug.

Now his nursery t=eacher is a very young 20 something, full of energy, running and dancing with the kids.And very stylish too. The boys all go  ga ga over her and girls try to imitate her, you can imagine the effect she has on them. And on weekends when she arrives in a knee-length skirt with high boots you can hear the collective gasp. So you can understand why he finds the teacher in the new school OLD.

Eight months back when the school wanted to promote him to a higher class in which he will be taught the basics of reading and writing, I said No. He being so very attached to his Gloria teacher that I was afraid how he would take the news. He had been continuously tagging behind her like a faithful puppy and even a moments separation would bring a bout of tears. But the management had said that he would overcome that attachment, he needs to go into a higher level. So then we came to a consensus that he would continue for some days in the same class and slowly he would be shifted to another class. He had initially rebelled but now he is an ardent fan of his Annie teacher. The other day he asked, Why don’t you let your hair fall like Annie teacher?” πŸ˜€ ( She keeps a few strand of hair falling over her face which she blows off with a shrug every now and then)

18 thoughts on “Another step forward

  1. Congrats! Thank god, I am past all that and can indulgently watch young parents go through the grind πŸ™‚

    So now you have to be prepared to be compared to yet another of his teachers, who he will grow to adore and admire. Yes, it makes one jealous at times πŸ˜€

  2. Why don’t you let your hair fall like Annie teacher?”:D (She keeps a few strand of hair falling over her face which she blows off with a shrug every now and then)-A kido in LKG said that…, Have I lost touch with reality?

    • Ask your mother, whether you have said such a thing. We all do that. I remember my teacher well made up and my mother being simple, had asked her once, Amma why u don’t put lipstick ;0 and that time I was in 1st standard

  3. Had to wait all night for a form wow must be a good school.
    Congratulations on the admission I know in india this is like war to get into a good school.
    The little one has eyes on the teacher abhi se he he he

    Its important to have a good teacher and wait with all the requests he comes outvwith he he he

    • Its not a very good school. The good thing is that its wuite close to where we live, so any emergency and we can reach the school in minutes. Secondly it has CBSE syllabus which means it will be easy for him when we return to India, if Iwe had put him in British curriculum, it would be a bit difficult

  4. So cute! yeah! he might get lost and the teachers are indeed older! Soon, he’ll be saying the same when he has to move to middle school (considering they are different)

    You know I have these 3 stages of kids in mind, as they grow young toddlers they are clinging to your legs and feel, “My mommy knows everything”, they are in love with mommy.
    Then, its “My teacher told me, she knows everything”, they are in love with their “Annie” teacher here.
    Later, it will be “I know everything”… πŸ™‚ That’s the stage we are setting them up for when we put them in that BIG school. Growing up! So nice.

  5. Very sweet. And, young kids are really influenced by their teachers. My younger son loved his LKG teacher a lot, but then she left abruptly due to some family concerns. For almost a month, he kept asking everyday when she was coming back, and I said soon. Then he started bonding with the new teacher not as good as the old one, but luckily he did not break apart. He managed to go through the remaining year, and today was his last day in LKG. He goes to UKG now and will have a new teacher :).

    Luckily, my son finds me more stylish than most women around :). I have seen that both my sons are pretty observant and notice small changes in attire and otherwise :).

    • The observation part is very important. Its then that they start having new ideas and start forming opinions.
      preschool, kindergardten is the time that they start meeting people other than their parents and their teacher is their intermediary in that world and adulation/ admiration for them is very natural.

  6. Aww…he is such a sweetheart πŸ˜›
    Congratulations on his admission in kindergarten πŸ˜€
    πŸ˜† at the sweet ways he admires his teachers, I guess all kids pass through this phase, I did too πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. We were having lunch with the family friends of ours. They have twins(boys) aged 3. While watching TV there was this ad for some jewelery by shriya saran. Seeing that one of the boys says to his father “I want her papa and looks at his mom and says you go and bring her”.

    Aunty started crying. It was so funny but i couldn’t laugh πŸ˜€

    I wanted to say “Beta baap pe gaya”(Like father, like son).

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