If the devastation in Japan was not enough, Bahrain has a bout of violence. If fighting of Police and protestors was not enough, the expats were attacked.
Such a peace loving nation and so friendly people, whatever happened to them?
A sincere request to people in Bahrain and outside don’t believe the media and especially AlJazeera; it takes the cake in sensationalizing and presenting one sided news.
There might not be any posts from my side or comments on your posts by me. If there is absolute silence than just assume that I am safe in India 🙂
Situation is tense but I have full faith in people and more faith in the one above.
Cheers to life.


20 thoughts on “Uncertain

  1. Bhagya,
    I had taken a break, came 2 days back.
    Yesterday I was chatting with a friend in Baharin and was mentioning about the tense moments they are going through. Prayers for safety . Almighty will take care of all of you.

  2. Take care Bhagya. The world seems to be on the brink sometimes. It is really scary. And yeah, god is great indeed and will take care of the world.

  3. Take care of yourself and everyone else too..

    media has time to make it a sensation tso they can earn money..
    and people are silly we have lost the basic values and in name of anything we do silly things..

    Take care please.. and be SAFE

  4. When I looked at the news article in the newspaper I thought about you and your family. Please take care. We are praying for you.

  5. I stay at a place 30 minutes away from bahrain. The media are sensationalizing by headlines which read “Shia protesters wreak havoc etc…”

    When there was uprising in egypt, i don’t remember the media being split up into factions. Its outrageous, also there is a blackout on the media and hence the real toll will never be out in public.

    • The black out was necessary Dhanesh bcoz none were telling the truth. they were just concentrationg on their TRPs Their sensalization was just igniting the whole situation

      • I kind of disagree, blackout leads to further speculation by the media. Which doesn’t take kind to be snubbed. I live in the land that connects to bahrain via bahrain bridge.

        So trust me when I say I know what media blackout means.

  6. I hope that you and your family are safe. The events in Bahrain are turning worse. Hope that peace prevails soon. Come down to India in case the situation worsens any further.

    • ill definately return if its get worse but now with the emergency its going to be better. I just wish someone would bring to light why the emergency was put.
      It was only when expats were threatened that the govt had to be harsh. no one came forwards when invited for dialogues, hospitals were used to propagand hate, no one put this to light.Hopefully everyone will know the truth someday soon

      • Oh forgive me i am not contesting who is going through a tougher time. All i am saying that media blackout only leads to further unrest.

        There have been several cases of organized violence against a certain caste of protesters here. The worst part is that it was not even reported in the next day’s daily.

        That being said. I wouldn’t want any one to go through this mess

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