Women Empowement

My daughter who is in 9th grade has a chapter on women empowerment, just imagine what our education has come to,’ said an acquaintance in disbelief. I was about to retort when I stopped myself and thought. (I find myself increasingly doing that which is very good, I have often regretted my hastiness in hindsight)

This acquaintance is a very simple, devout person,a person whom I doubt has ever raised his voice at his wife. He is always respectful of all women and listens patiently to everyone’s viewpoints. Its only natural for him to think that women empowerment is not necessary, because he himself is so idealistic. ( His wife on her part is a gem, listens patiently and puts her point across in the gentlest of manners. They do argue but there is no name calling or screaming)

But then all men are not like that, are they? And not all women are assertive, are they? What happens if a meek woman marries an abusive man? She does need some education on empowerment doesn’t she?

But all said and done, whether you are a man or a woman patience always helps and secondly ‘listen’ to what the other is saying; whether you are a man or a woman; housewife or a working woman, these two qualities always help. many a marriage breaks because a person is not accommodative enough or unwilling to listen to others viewpoint and many a deal lost in haste.

And many marriages are lost in ego clashes too, why do we forget that to bow down sometimes isn’t always bad, is it so bad to bow in front of your family; for people you love?

Recently a Doctor said that so many marriages are crumbling now because women are working and too independent for their own good. my first reaction was, ‘Hmphf’ but then I thought that ‘Yes. all these smart women fluttering around, how can we expect a man to control himself’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ But he had a point; sometimes, some women do become ‘ aggressive’. We often forget that in a marriage no one is superior but both are equals.

I did ask this Doctor whether he had ever ‘slipped’ And he had replied with a smile that his wife had seen to it that he never did :D. They have been married for about 30 yrs now with a grown up son settled in Canada.


18 thoughts on “Women Empowement

  1. Totally agree with you.. that not all men are same

    till we start to respect each other I doubt if things will improve.
    and patience is a virtue .. as they say which we seldom have but it helps a lot ..

  2. So right about Patience and Respect for each other views for a good marital relationship. Knowing this, I am still struggling to rid that beast of me (that you call implusiveness!) that wants to have the last word with hubby dear..just so my view, my point, my decision, my opinion is not taken for granted for being a woman.

  3. Listening is very important and ego clashes puts relationships in chaos. I have seen many families under stress because of this.

  4. I think it was easier for marriages to thrive earlier in India because were expected and conditioned to compromise no matter what, bend to the man and his family’s wishes and keep her wishes on hold. Now, women are taught to be equal. And, this equality brings with it expectations. Men have changed but in Indian context, they still do call the shots. Bending sometimes is okay for both partners but bending all the time for one partner is what causes the problems. Relationships are so complex; one could spend a lifetime dissecting them.

    • You have got a point there.
      But men today have changed they have learnt to balance their wifes wishes as well as their mother’s(family)
      There are women who have spoilt their ‘family’ life on pretext of equality ego etc. And there are women who have had to sacrifice their dreams for sake of the family.
      I was not dissecting but just putting my thoughts across

      • There are all kinds who make the world — egoistic men, egoistic women. And no, I wasn’t talking about you dissecting, I just meant it in a very general sense :).

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