Smile please

I was going through some pictures of a friend and noticed that she was ‘un’smiling in most of the photographs, she might have had had reasons but it made me realise how expressions made a difference to the way we look. Particularly our smile.

There are smiles which make us smile in return.
There are fake smiles.
There are sarcastic smiles.
There are solemn smiles.
There are ‘photographic’ smiles. (Somewhat like fake smiles).
There are impish smiles.

But there are two smiles that I love the most:

Smiles of kids-their smile is always genuine, no ulterior motive, whether it be in mischief or just like that, kids smiles always make you smile in return.

Smiles of people who are at peace with themselves. These smiles are so serene that instantly the onlooker feels peace within oneself.

20 thoughts on “Smile please

  1. Great post. Gets one thinking.

    I love the smiles that babies and children have .. there’s something raw and honest about it.

    My friends tell me that my ‘real’ smile only comes out when I have dessert πŸ™‚ I’m not surprised LOL

  2. Oh yes the innocent smile of kids is beautiful when they smile it is genuine.
    And as you say old people. My nani has this beautiful smile each timei look at her pic it makes me smile too.

    And my late grand dad he had a hearty laugh we could hear it all over the house.

    • Yes, I am learning to smile at rebukes and taunts, it sure is liberating and diffuses the situation instantly. Angry retorts and screaming just blows out the situation isn’t it?
      With the little one at home (school restarts sometime in April) I just don’t get time to sit and type, so my post are going to be short and simple

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