He walks upstairs hand in hand with his father majestically, holding his head high, I smile at him, notice the bruise on his elbow and ask, ‘ What happened?’………and he bursts into tears.

He throws his toys here and there and I scream, if you don’t want, tell me, I will give it to someone and he promptly puts everything back in place.
I get the nail cutter to cut his nails, he sees and shrieks, ‘give it to someone who needs it, I don’t want that’. πŸ˜€

I sit down for my chant, when he brings in his toy guitar and starts singing..’Last Christmas. I gave you my heart….’ I try to concentrate and chant but fail and then we both start strumming and singing at the top of our voices, ‘Last Christmas…’

Night we sleep, suddenly he turns horizontal, feet touching me, fingers touching father, and whole night he keeps on checking our presence.

Exhausted I sit down and my eyelids start drooping, when he starts shaking me, ‘Amma, what happened?’ I realise he is worried that something is wrong and so go to freshen myself. Within seconds he is banging on the door, ‘Amma, you haven’t slept, have you?’

In a blue mood, I sit quietly, he comes in gives me a hug and says ,’alright now’ and indeed I am alright. πŸ˜€

I am watching a very interesting episode of Masterchef Australia and at that precise moment he happens to be hungry or bored or has to go to the loo. Off course he can go to the loo alone but at that moment there is somebody bad in there.

We decide to go on a walk as both are bored cooped up inside. We come out of our lane, have to cross the road, when he says, ‘Wait’, wipes his sweaty hands, looks both ways and then holds my hand and we cross the road.

Thank you darling for all these wonderful moments of ours, for these past four years and looking forward to the coming years.

24 thoughts on “Moments

  1. What precious moments these are πŸ™‚ Hold on to them for they will stay with you all your life. He might not remember most of these moments but he will have his own casket of pearls to count when he grows up. That’s the beauty of love.

  2. I can imagine all the fun you guys are having with all these little things happening
    I liked him asking if youwent to sleep in the bathroom , and last christmas .. oooh he is getting ready to be a heartbreaker he he ehe

    Kids bring so much joy .. excellent
    I guess its birthday time , so heres wishing him a very very happy birthday.. God bless

  3. Hey…I am in love with this post…

    Just want to add…”Last Christmas..” might be better than the chant as it comes from both your hearts….dont you agree…so next time, he does that…just join him in the first go!

    Btw, I have posted the next episode of Aurelia…

    • Both give different joys Aparna, chanting gives meimmense pleasure, peace and stability which I do so require. Well playing with my son is a different kind of joy

  4. This is my favourite post! Not that others are not, but it was a heart clincher. Loved reading it. I like this new look on your blog too.

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