‘You might have eaten something wrong; is the first reaction that I get whenever I complain of a headache. But like land masses on this earth are divided into continents, countries etc can an ache in the head just be classified as Just a headache. I have different kinds of headache; see if you can identify with it;

  • 7 am headache I may have slept late but sleep later than 7 and I get a headache
  • Too much TV/Comp headache
  • Too much thinking headache
  • Food reaction headache Bottled juices, packaged food give me a headache maybe because of the preservatives in them
  • Noise, too much talking too gives me a headache,
  • Reading while on a moving vehicle, whether it be train, bus, plane gives me a headache
  • PMT headache every female knows this so will not elaborate on this.

So see, a headache is not just ‘A headache, there are so many varieties to it 😀

22 thoughts on “Headache

  1. Bhagya, me also on the same boat. I have migraines but. late sleeping. over sleeping , food not ok, exposure to heat. I do not know what I can write here which doesn’t trigger it. No medicine could cure mine.:(

  2. I have a huge problem with headaches especially due to PMS and when I go hungry longer, burning sun gives me headache sometimes. That would be pretty much all :). Terrible feeling. Mine never goes away without taking a pill.

  3. you too Bhagya? I can add at least a dozen more causes for headaches. Just recovered from two days of continuous pain. Take care. The eye problem aggravates any kind of headache.

  4. Oh you have company. And I am sure plenty of it. I have perpetual headaches many days of the week – and some for causes out of that list as well. But yes, the noise/reading on moving vehicle top the list… I can’t read much even on a flight where you don’t feel the movement.

  5. I get terrible migraines too and I dont even have to think of a reason because sometimes there is none. Almost everyday I pop tablets and one day Im sure Im going to have a kidney failure or something !

  6. Very wide classification indeed,but luckily i dont suffer from much of headache unless i sleep very late and wake up early.One more to your list,headache bcoz of hunger.

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