All in a day

The alarm rang at 5 am, she switched it off and again closed her eyes but got up with a bang five minutes later, had her bath and rushed for Yoga. A group of neighbours ganged up in the morning in the community hall to do their morning routine. It worked better that way, exercising at home often led to being lax.

She came around an hour later to wake up the kids and the husband, saw that they got ready while preparing their breakfast and their ‘tiffin boxes’. In between she had to locate the missing matching tie and the test notebook of the daughter, the missing white socks of the son, all the while checking the time so that none of them were late. The children left with the daughter asking her to think of some bright ideas for the craft contest, the son asking her to search for the TT bat. The hubby left with a list of tasks pay the electricity bill, finesse his report, withdraw some cash, file some papers etc.

After they left the silence was deafening but definitely welcome. She had quit her job because she wanted to spend some time with the kids, they were growing so fast and within a couple of years they would be gone to some other place and she did not want to regret later on that she didn’t spend any time with them. Also the husband was climbing the corporate ladder fast and did not have time either for her or the kids. Atleast one of them had to be their for the kids isn’t it? And domestic help…. the ones that were good were busy and those who were not had an attitude which she could not tolerate.

She was hed the utensils, cleaned the house, loaded the washing machine and left for her ‘chores’.  Paid the bill, looked around at the craft shop hoping to get some ‘bright’ ideas and indeed she did, so bought some items needed for it. Bought some groceries

She withdrew cash from the ATM and whilst coming out met her old colleague. ‘Such a long time since we met, how have you been and what are you up to  nowadays.’

‘I am very fine a stay at home mum,’ she said

‘Stay at home mum? So how do you pass your time?’


She came home, the washing machine had done its job and so she hung the clothes to dry, started cooking lunch. Two curries (one for the daughter and one for the son. Her preferences? She had forgotten that long back), dal, rice roti etc. Looked at the reports, looked at its layout, corrected the grammar, kept on cross checking until she was satisfied.

Remembered that the snacks at home were over and so prepared a batch of crispies, the son who was almost 12 was perpetually hungry and so the need to stock up on food.

When they came from school, the lunch was waiting. They all ate and she forced them to relax for sometime while she took a power nap. Then got up made something for the evening tea. and the dinner. Went out with the kids, the kids got busy with their friends while she herself chatted with her friends.

When her husband returned at 8.30pm, the dinner was ready, the kids were studying and she was supervising them while simultaneously shelling peas, They had a lively dinner with the kids entertaining them with their banter.

She washed the utensils, stacked them and started planning for the next day while her husband boomed,’You didnt file my papers?’

‘Oh I just didn’t get time.’

‘So what were you doing the ENTIRE day chatting with the neighbours?’

26 thoughts on “All in a day

  1. Oh, no one recognized her wok at last.. 😦 So sad.. 😦 !! It happens to every mom in a family.. U made me think about my mom 🙂 Thanks..

    And you written well.. nd datz expressive 🙂 Keep it-up.

    Keep blogging 🙂

  2. Typical of the male of the species. But if you make them stay back home one day and do all the chores, they definitely begin being more appreciative and even abashed of themselves, stopping short of EVER making such a comment. It really works!

    • He he yes. But somehow I can forgive the male species bcoz of their ignorance, itz the female-working women that are irritating. ‘So what do you do the entire day?’ is the most irritating statement

  3. 🙂 well A mothers job never finishes it seems a Full time Job that goes on and on and ON …

    Good luck and have fun wit hthe kids it will soon be appreciated …

  4. From one sahm to another.. that question “How do you pass your time?” is like a red flag to me the bull. I wish I could gift everyone who asks that question one day from my life… could so totally empathise with your piece. Great post.

  5. Typical husband talk! They should be made to do a housewive’s work for a week … they would run away or fall at our feet 🙂

  6. Woman works as a machine. Feed as a mother. I always ask my children to understand their mother. I respect my wife. Even though she is a house wife, she has great time management skills. She remember all schedules and alert us.

    • Welcome here Ram mohan garu and very pleased to receive ur comment.
      To respect ur wife for what she does and then teaching your children too to respect her is commendable

  7. Work done by women at home is ignored worldwide, it’s not counted anywhere. That’s sad.

    Being a full time home maker is indeed a thankless job. But it’s only a woman affection that makes her go on.

  8. So, so true :). brought a smile to my face. This is the most fulfilling yet the most thankless job in the world as you rightly brought out. I had written a post about stay-at-home moms too earlier bringing out the same dichotomy.

  9. Fabulous write-up! We so often take a home maker’s tasks for granted, all the while never realizing how many tasks there are. It’s high time to realize that those outside-the-home workers can work in peace only because of the assurance that their documents/kids/house/food are in order.

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