We started on a new life with sonny starting regular school on the 6th of this month. The first day of school and he was just not happy; he was missing his old school and his old friends. And I was feeling devastated. He used to go to an afternoon batch previously and now that he leaves home by 7.30 in the morning, I felt lost. I had a million days planned up but didn’t do anything.


We value something after it is lost isn’t it?
Life in Bahrain is back on tracks but still there is something missing viz trust, faith, freedom. The Bahrain where in every one lived in harmony is gone. Trust is lost, we smile, we talk and then we avert eyes and go our different ways.
Roads are deserted after 9. Shutters pulled down, clinics empty and everyone hurriedly park their cars, go to their homes and lock their doors and there were days when I used to forget to lock my main door.
There are offers galore everywhere but few buyers, everyone especially the expatriate thinks- do I need this; if something happens tomorrow and I have to return, won’t this be extra baggage?

There was a time when blogging was one of the reasons to live. No sooner was My son sleeping or busy, I would be tapping but not anymore, I have time but no impetus. Maybe he was the catalyst. Maybe some day soon, I will quit blogging.

AND just now I got a pingback that my post Stepmom has been selected for Blogaddas Spicy Saturday Picks-Thank you Blogadda and whoever recommended this post.

16 thoughts on “Updates

  1. That was one sad and poignant post. And no, please don’t stop blogging. Life is never easy and we have to take the small hurdles or side-step them on our way forward. This feeling too will pass as will the helplessness. Methinks you are just feeling blue because the little one has begun school and you feel lost. Separation anxiety, they call it, only the subject is changed 🙂

  2. Right! separation anxiety 🙂 I hope you feel better soon. I guess once the little one comes back with juicy stories from his class…you’ll be back tapping on the keyboard with enthu.

    Congrats on your post being picked up!! Keep bloggin!

  3. I will miss you a lot if you stop blogging. Congrats on your post being selected for blogadda. Also, your son’s experiences will get better. And, I have my own little award for you :). Collect it from my blog.

    • Thats Sweet Rachna; I know he will soon be able to settle in his new school. Thanks for the award but I am not able to open ur site, will have to check with the systems administrator 😉

  4. I am sure you will soon get over this feeling. Sometimes we take time getting used to new state of affairs. I hope you do get over this and come back soon to blogging…. will miss reading your posts!

  5. Bhagya,
    don’t stop blogging. keep the blog ticking even if the frequency is less. this is is something you are doing for yourself otherwise you would slip into loneliness and more anxiety.
    my right shoulder and hand is having pain hence i have to type with my left hand. hope it will get normal soon.

    • Somehow once the novelty has worn out, the interest wanes. SO is the case with me and blogging. I don’t allow myself to slip into loneliness; always find a way out 🙂
      Do take care, have u shown it to a Doctor

  6. No dont stop blogging come on … and congrats on getting chosen by blogadda …

    Yeha i have heard of bahrain now quiet closely one of our contractors resides in bahrain and we had so much problems when all the chaos was going on ..

    You take care and All the best

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