At random

I am a very random person meaning that certain thoughts just keep on running in my mind, some which are really random (meaning bakwaas), some that need answers and some which cannot be answered. 🙂

Akshay Trittiya;
Category: Answerable

All the shops trading in gold, jewellery or bars/ coins etc were crowded last friday on the occasion of Akshay Trittiya. Could see almost all classes of people buying gold, even those who crib the most of rising proces and no savings could be seen buying. While purchasing, wearing gold is a personal choice; I would really like to know whether purchasing gold on Akshay Trittiya or Dhanteras really brings prosperity? Please do tell. You see if the answer is yes I have to be ready for Dhanteras.


Yes yes yes…vacation time is approaching and I am looking forward to meeting family. But vacation time also means jabs in the arms, fixing appointments, entering the GE machine which almost makes me mentally push August away

I need my caffeine

I was feeling sleepy and lethargic in the mornings, mentioned about it to the parmeshwar; who in his professional demeanor advised a dose of folic acid and multivitamins but I could see that he was worried too, the previous two times this happened I was led to the OT.
But then I discovered the reason, since sonny started school; I would have tea in the morning along with the two of them but breakfast would be done leisurely. A body accustomed to having tea after eating could not adjust and hence the lethargy.

Comment not easy
Category: Stupid

I read blogs and enjoy reading them. And the ability of some really amaze me. But what amazes me more is the comments. Some really do take so much effort to write such good comments that sometimes I actually am at a loss of words and just click on the like button.

The weather change

There is a climate change everywhere, yes there is a depletion in the ozone layer, yes vehicles have increased, so more pollution, in India trees are being cut without thought, mountains levelled, cities that should grow vertically now grow horizontally too; in Gulf there is reclamation but does anyone care that we are playing with nature and nature too will play with our lives?? THINK


20 thoughts on “At random

  1. Sigh! We so need to think and do our bit abt the climate change!
    Oh, my parents and sis complain of having no energy at all, if they dnt start there day with a mug of coffee! So, I understand 🙂
    I totally dnt get the Akshaya Trithiya thingy! Hv never bought and will never do so probably! Even if I hd to shop, I wud do it at leisure on a day when the shops are free and I cn breathe well 😉

    I like such random posts 🙂

    • Thanks for understanding. Iw as never addicted to tea, its only recently that I have noticed this change.
      Abt the climate change; we have bcum so selfish that we don’t bother what we do either to the enviroment or to others.
      Shopping in crowded places is beyond me, I would rather shop at off peak times 🙂

  2. Akshya tritiya is just a marketing gimmick and I am surprised how people fall for it .We do have advance bookings for that day.
    I am a jeweller’s daughter and haven’t heard such a thing. this is in vogue for the last 10years or so. Good brains are working behind it.
    Similar is the case with mother’s day , fathers day, sis-bro day etc. etc. Have you heard such things in the past. Now see how these special days are filling the coffers of the multi nationals.

    • Oh yes the advertisements for Akshay Trittiya are a treat to watch and they are amply rewarded too, the gold shops, souk, even the place where the gold bars are sold was crowded

  3. I m not sure what Akshya tritiya is .. and as such i dont beleive in all this that its auspicious or good to buy gold , I mean If you have money buy it when you can ..

    Vacation :- always welcome.. and why the jabs .. hmmm I have never taken one going abroad …

    I love coffee , no tea for me .. for some reason I have gone completley off TEA when i came ot uk, and when i was in india i never had coffee WEIRD .

    and yeah nature has to do something to control all the chaos and we the humans will face the brunt ..


    • I agree, buy if u have surplus cash or if u want something, why be specific to a ‘day’.
      I am afraid of what might be happening next; all these Tsunamis, earthquakes…. Definately our crazy ways have contributed to this. Like Bahrain had sandstorms earlier too but now its like there is no rhyme or reason, it can occur anytime.Why? The mindless reclamation, might be a reason. Who are we to mess with nature anyways? If we don’t take stock now, our cities may disappear like Mohenjadaro.
      Jabs in the arms was symbolic for the blood tests that I have to submit to

  4. As far as I know Akshaya Tritiya is meant for praying to God and to do charity. Giving umbrella, footwear and food are considered the most important things on that day. In the consumerist culture and I, me and myself scenario, it has become a festival for acquiring wealth.

    • Thanks for the Info; I really did not know the actual worth of Akshay Trittiya and now I feel sad for all the people who even with limited means bought gold thinking that it will bring prosperity.
      However for those I hope AKshay Trittiya will indeed bring prosperity.

  5. It is stupid to buy jewellery to bring luck on any day. I can’t do without coffee in the mornings. Vacations are a pleasure and I take many in a year :). Comments — even I sometimes marvel at certain insightful comments. And, yes the weather change is noticeable everywhere.

  6. reema, 1st things 1st. i must have tea in the morning and then ‘only’ start thinking ’bout cooking o.k. ? v sacred ritual this. we mustn’t let it go. i liked this post. v original.

  7. Random thoughts!!……..I think they are typical of your writing and you do that well. I honestly had no idea what Akshaya Trithiya is and even now I don’t think I follow. The price goes up everyday and so does the number of people who buy it………I don’t get it!

    Jabs during vacation? Why don’t you do them before you go on the vacation? How often do you go for your jabs?? I don’t mean to pry, but I hope this is only an annual check up of sorts.

    Comments not easy – tell me about it. I feel inadequate most of the time not knowing what to write, so much that I don’t want them to feel insulted for their effort. But I guess that is seeing things in the wrong light. Any comment is good be it even a click on the “like” button. It shows that the person did take time to stop and read, which is to be acknowledged.

    I think we are playing with nature in every way possible and foolishly calling the new process “natural”, when it is not!

    I am a tea person but love the smell of coffee. I could go without tea in the mornings, but by 3.30pm tea tingling begins…….I need the afternoon tea for sure.

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