A (Political) Rant

I saw Jayalalitha showing the victory sign at the media after winning the election and my first reaction was she must be thinking how much to mint this time.

Its true isn’t it, that’s what politics-Indian politics has become now. make false promises, buy votes, win and mint. I am not saying that governments in other countries are true and fair not even in monarchies in the Gulf but at least they do something for the citizens.

The present Indian government has three brilliant intellectuals-Dr.Manmohan Singh, P.Chidambaram and Pranab Mukkherjee but all three have been failures in the present administration. Give basic amenities to people- the roti, kapda,makan and then talk about making our cities to Shanghai. But no what purpose will be served by this, it will be better to open malls, build flyovers, hold games, so that atleast their future generations do not have to bother about their roti kapda and makan.

Mamta didi promised a record number of trains to Her Bongal and she won. But its good at least there was a change in West Bengal.

AND Jaganmohan Reddy won in the elections. How? He paid Rs 1000 per person to buy votes. For You and me Rs 1000 may not mean much but for these poor people !000 is richness. For Reddy spending a few lakhs will not make a dent in his massive fortune and anyways it will be replenished very soon. In rural Andhra Pradesh booze and films rule the roost and the wealthy keep the poor intoxicated on both counts. So much so that they cannot think what is good for them.

BJP won again in Mangalore. Just a single question to them- Dearies do you know there are no trees left in the city? Do you know the mild and pleasant Mangalore is now hot and humid??

Petrol prices have risen again and I would really like to know the actual reason because crude oil prices are falling and expected to fall more.

And though I know that A.Raja or Kalmadi will never really get punished (the cases will keep on running) but I have a desire to see all the politicians (well most of them) run their homes in a ‘budget.’ Yes, that will surely be a torture for them. Try to run a house in a budget say Rs 15000 and then you will come to know how the aam aadmi survives.

10 thoughts on “A (Political) Rant

  1. well said! Let the politicians live on a budget. But why 15000? They will not be able to live on anything under 150000 or even 15000000 — after all, meals at 5 star hotels don’t come cheap nor do Armani suits and Louis Vuitton bags. The poor things have so many expenses, unlike the aam admi, who only has to worry about his next meal and the clothes on his back.

  2. !5000 is a high budget target for Indians. After all the cuts in salary they only get a paltry sum as take home.may be the order of 5000- 6000 rs or may be even less and nobody is interested in Aam Aadmi .
    Politicians are interested in filling their coffers.

    • In Mangalore 15000 is nothing Chitra and its not even a big city. The minimun that is needed to survive is 20000+ so u can imagine the plight of the daile wage workers, the small shopkeepers etc. These politicians will just widen the economic disparity.
      Taxes are another headache

  3. I know, take away their free perks. Also, we need major reforms about party funding and code of conduct around elections. It is alarming to read money doled out shamelessly to buy votes. And, Karnataka is worst administered, one of the most corrupt states. You need to see the state of Bangalore roads and the monsoons have not yet set in. Kids keep getting washed away in canals or through walls collapsing on them. Bangalore gives the maximum tax revenues and look what we get in return. I recently visited Ahmedabad and Modi seems like the only guy who is doing something for his people. I hate these politicians!

    • And to say that Bangalore was one of the beautiful cities of India!! 😦
      It all started when IT entered Bangalore and thou the politicians wanted that; they did nothing for the infrastructure. AP was better off till now. Chandrababu ‘ate’ but still did something for the cities but nothing for the villages and so was booted out. But the present situation is such that it is following similar tracks as of Bangalore

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