Once upon a time (read 20 years back or so), I used to wait for the newspaper to arrive. We used to subscribe to The Times of India, Mumbai edition. Bhilai being a town and that too far from Mumbai, the newspaper would arrive only in the evenings and some days even the next day which meant that we read stale news. But still the editorial, the presentation, the grammar everything was exemplary. Each page was observed carefully even the entertainment section. Current affairs were read thoroughly, news of interest or related to the curriculum were read, the article cut and then preserved in a folder/ file to be used when needed. R.K.Laxman’s cartoons were cherished, discussed and preserved in the memory bank. Later we shifted to Ukkunagaram, Vizag where the delivery of TOI was even more worse and so we shifted to the Deccan Chronicle and The Hindu.

But the attachment continues. I guess old habits die-hard. Why I say this? Because the Times has none of ‘that’ charm anymore. The news is biased, you can find grammatical errors and the newspaper at least the online edition is full of useless news. If you read todays edition you will find news like-Saif’s secret love. Now why should anyone bother about his secret love?? Sush’s ex Randeep to marry Neetu. Good for him. But why bother, both have moved on so why the stress on the ‘ex’. Is it that the standards of the readers have gone down or the Times standards have gone down? I am a bit confused here.

I find more stress on the entertainment industry. Leave the actors alone please, respect their privacy, they are humans too.

And recently I read that the times has been banned from certain universities because of its ahem ‘pornography’. In fact I am surprised that it’s not been banned in the Gulf. Some of the more sober headlines are, Best positions of getting pregnant, how to fake o… etc. I will not be more explicit now, lest my post be banned.

But where are the real issues? Is anyone bothered about them.Is there any newspaper which gives unbiased reports? Is there any newspaper which is bothered about corruption? newspapers I feel are now bothered only about increasing their readership and not bothered about fulfilling their duty.

But it’s really sad to see the downfall of such a great newspaper. In school we were advised to read TOI to improve our english as well as to keep ourselves updated on the ‘News’. And now it’s relegated to a ‘porn’ newspaper. Sad isn’t it?

24 thoughts on “Headlines

  1. Indeed B. In fact, the good old read-the-paper-in-the-morning advice seems to be failing with the kind of news we now have. The tabloids are trashy, the explicit little sections aren’t news by any standards. There’s crime and a lot of it (though of course we can’t blame the press for it). So many things need to be in for a major overhaul.

  2. You are absolutely right,Reema.Day by day standard of the thinking of the people are also deteriorating which is showing on the latest newspapers which is the mirror of the society. Outlook of the public has totally changed.

    • You are right Josly!! The newspapers mirror the society that we live in but still it is their duty to show the right path with good reportage. The more we showcase negative, the more it will grow

  3. End of the day its all about money and circulation. How they get that is not the criteria.
    Media has lost its sheen these days with lots of private media coming up. Now its just a mad rush ..

    and as you mentioned Porn and Sex sell .. simple rule ..

    Gone are the day when you could read a news and 100% vouch for it .. nowaday till you see it with your own eyes its hard to beelive what they come up with…

  4. really..you stole words from my mouth:)..I really wonder now at their standards, so many grammatrical mistakes, sometimes leading to a totally different meaning..like there was a heading..sad MUkesh lives in Attila….it means MUkesh is sad, but they were saying that it is sad that Mukesh lives……mistake of syntax.

    Secondly they have become very biased with certain people and publicise them all the time..like Neetu Chandra.she is always there..will anyone tell me what are her credentials?

    Sad state of affairs!!!

    • Absolutely. Earlier Kids used to be told to read newspapers to improve English. Now can’t do that.
      Every single newspaper is nurtured by certain political parties so of course they will be biased

  5. True, TOI standards have fallen. If you want better content, read DNA. And, Times supplement is even worse with bikini-clad photographs, so inappropriate for kids. Outlook is a good magazine to read, good content.

  6. It’s not only about TOI . Browse different papers online and you shall find no difference. As Bikram said, end of day it’s all about Money & readership. But can we ignore the fact that the newspapers and Media mirrors the society. If it was not about interest of millions of housewives in Ekta kapoors soap operas, Aaj tak’s Sas bahuseries and so many more would not have been on air . So is the case with ‘ex’ stories. Ppl like gossip and they get what they want .
    Lets not talk abt content and good english. But still there are few NP you can rely upon …. Period

    • True Rajiv but isn’t it the responsibility of the journalist of fair journalism. Of course they have to sell their newspapers but a little standard is needed.
      BTW welcome to my blog

  7. All the newspapers dish out the same stuff. However newspapers are still slightly sober compared to the other forms of media which is getting louder by the day.
    Having been a journalism student feel sad that I dont see anything which i learnt happening at the same time glad that I didnt join the bandwagon.

  8. Reminds me of India Today … Sigh .. Have actually stopped reading newspapers and news magazines both offline and online. Don’t watch TV either. And yet I seem to know what’s happening in the world… If it is big enough it figures out a way of reaching me.

    Everything reeks of sensationalism. Would be nice if there is one magazine that highlights the good things that people do and relegates the ‘bad’ things to the back pages and innocuous columns.. am sure there is much more ‘not for profit’ work being done in this world.

    Its the terrorist who gets the spotlight so why won’t he terroris?, its the corrupt who hit the front pages so why would there be an end to corruption?…. we thrive on attention, don’t we?

  9. hello

    very relevant post. I agree completely with you. The headlines are explicit many times along with irrelevant news coming on the front page. TOI is also very Delhi centric. Also, there is a joke coloum that comes daily in supplement ‘internet humor’, it literally crossed all limits of decency many times.

    nice read.

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