The bliss that I have; lost in my love, can you feel it? Nah you can’t.
I dance, I sing, I read; all lost in my trance, How does it feel, you ask?

Like an arid land, when it soaks in the first raindrops; a little pain and then instant bliss.

Like when you have gooseberries and have water, ahh the taste, delicious bliss.

Can you imagine it now, my total bliss?

The surrender, the acceptance, the engulfing, all so bitter sweet, so pure; so lovely, nothing can, nothing will be ever so blissful again.

This post has been submitted as a part of Velvet verbosity’s 100 word challenge. The word this week is Unconscious. In case you wonder about the link between the word and the title of my post, well you see, I am unconscious in my bliss.

16 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Good one! I like yours a lot. You should attempt more of these challenges…Really happy to see you participate.

    • πŸ™‚ The word prompt prompted me. I will try to compete again, can fit in 100 word challenges in busy schedules. Can just fit it in the mind and type it in minutes

    • πŸ™‚ There is no winning or losing here Rachna, its just a challenge. And indeed its challenging to write in 100 words the thoughts which u get by the word prompt, becoz often we tend to elaborate

  2. Beautifully rendered , given the theme was so complex and simple at the same time. The state of bliss or pure content is perhaps one of the wonderful feelings that satisfy both the conditions of complexity and simplicity. Well done.

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