At random-2

Yes, I am the uncrowned queen of random posts. But then what does one do when she is short of time and yet loves to write. Right, write random posts. πŸ˜€

I have been attending classes. I love being a student particularly so if there are no exams.

In case you wonder which class; it’s the 10th Canto of the Bhagvatam and to be precise the ‘Bal leelas’ of Krishna. And what a delight it was. Absolute pleasure!!
I had attended another class last year which had made it clear to me that The path I had in my mind for myself was the right one. And this time apart from the wonderful childhood antics of Krishna, I got something which I was craving for-some like-minded companionship.
From a past few weeks the attitude of people- the selfishness, the competition, the acquisitions and the showing off was getting on at me. And then I meet this wonderful group and life seems to be enjoyable once again.

I am learning to write intelligently. πŸ˜› 5 for instance is written -standing line, turn around and then a sleeping line over it. You guessed it right, my son is now my tutor. Before he taught me, I wrote 5…. just like that.

Though I like the way students are taught nowadays, I am confused whether CCE is really needed for the primary/ nursery sections too. Is it really necessary for such tender minds to be always under a scanner??.

I baked. Yes I baked an egg less cake in my microwave. After debating on should I and shouldn’t I, I just went ahead and did it. You see I had doubts whether it would turn out well in a microwave. It turned a bit dry maybe I should have kept the timer for 15-30 seconds less. But so what sonny gave a thumbs up and hubby said its better than a store-bought cake, so nothing else matters.

18 thoughts on “At random-2

  1. Wow… some day I need to learn how to bake cakes. Teach me no?
    The education system has gone through such major changes since we were in school. Sometimes I too wonder about several of its aspects.

  2. The class you attended — is it music, drama or dance? Yes, my son also talks about sleeping lines, standing lines etc :). Good job with the cake and the random post :).

    • It was a class teaching Bhagvatam, a sort of classroom only, where the Bhagvatam was narrated and interpreted, an interactive class where we could ask question and render our own interpretation
      Thanks for the comment

  3. πŸ™‚ i would love to be a student again, go back to college days WOW it would be so much fun, I am sure I want to make the Same mistaks all over again πŸ™‚

    and getting tought by your son, WOWO happy learning …

  4. Good to hear you are taking Bhagavatam lessons…. have fun! What is CCE?

    Baked in a microwave means using convection mode na? Or no? And eggless cake, can u send me the recipe? Thanks!

    • Yes. I went back to the classroom after almost 13 years. In the beginning it was difficult to stay still but later it was OK
      CCE is continuous comprehensive evaluation. CBSE now has this format where in children are evaluated continuously on their behaviour, games, co scholastic activities. Though its good I doubt its efficiency in small kids, who are just learning to sit in a class and a stage when they fall sick often.
      I have a normal microwave-grill. Planned on buying a convection but was discouraged by the vendor. SO baked it on high for abt 5.30min. Here is the link to the recipe
      Happy baking!!

      • Later I came to know that all schools (state Board) in Maharshtra also have started this CCE thing which is a pain in my *** !!!

      • Yes it is 😦 Now I think parents will be in a race to make their kids all-rounders and that will indeed be stressful for both parents as well as kids

    • You might have noticed that there are very few pics on my blog, reason being that I cannot focus much and so the pic comes usually fuzzy.
      Admission is always open, come whenever u r free πŸ˜€

  5. Good to meet people who are clear about their path in their mind. Admirable!

    Baking – I don’t enjoy cooking. But I am all for eating. Will drop by one day and hopefully you would have mastered the cake and are ready with focussed pictures!

    • I never used to enjoy cooking until I got married to a person who adores Home food. And with a child at home, have to take care of nutrition and thats how I started cooking. Focussed pics -not in this lifetime. I suspect that u have missed some of my posts K2s. Have a look at this and this

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