The curious case of the…….

She had got up early, she had to meet the deadline. Typing furiously she kept on looking at the watch. She had to be on time to the office, there was an important meeting today. But this, she had to do it today, her graph was plummeting, her ‘people’ were asking questions of her delay.Rush rush, rush, how did people get time to multi-task? She struggled to balance between her house and work. There she had finished it, done the check and pressed ‘enter’. Ahh such a relief, now that it was done.

She went back to it slyly when at office. What?? no response, not even a single one. Her face became dull, her spirits like the graph -fell.

She went back a couple of times during the day but to the same response…. She was so sad 😦

It was 11pm when she shut the doors to her work at home, her eyelids refused to stay open, feet dragged, but check she had to and LO so many responses and votes, her graph had spiralled up and so had her spirits.


Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the case of the compulsive blogger πŸ˜€
Have a nice week folks!!

14 thoughts on “The curious case of the…….

  1. That is a good one…It sometimes happens, I gave up being in the race. Now I am enjoying and doing at my leisure.

  2. Every blogger loves responses, but I am learning not to be compulsive at it. I have been maintaining my blog nicely and posting regularly. Thankfully, sometimes I just feel pushed to write and enjoy doing other work or reading others’ posts. You rightly said, like a phase the addiction wanes :). I am happy to be weaning off FB too. What next, sainthood? πŸ™‚

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