Colors or the lack of it

‘Wow, what a lovely combination of green and yellow’, I remark.
‘Green? Madam this is Navy blue’, the salesman says.
I look at the better half and he nods his head in affirmation.

I move my hands over sonny’s face, hands and legs and my husband asks, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Looking out for rashes’, I say.

I open the snack box to find it empty. Both of them will be wanting something sweet/ savory after the lunch and there is nothing. I decide to make (churmundo. ( a ladoo made of wheat flour). The recipe asks for frying the flour till is brownish but without burning it. My nose starts whiffing like a dog and when a sweet aroma emanates, I switch of the flame and remove the wok from the stove top.

That’s how life has been for some years now. Dark colors look lighter, pastel; paler.

The one who enjoyed sightseeing now smells, feels, touches.

The one who would love to observe people and their expression fails to recognize friends unless they are quite near.

Insterad my other senses have come to the forefront, I hear more, I smell more, I sense more.

But I will be lying if I say that I do not miss my sight. I do. I miss watching the dawn, the chirping birds.

But life has not stopped because I can’t color color. It has just had a (brand) extension, some new dimensions have been added, old ones stretched


In case you wonder what this post has been, let me explain. I have been reading some posts on Indiblogger’s Take flight with color contest and thought of posting the views of someone with limited vision.

Needless to say such a color’less’ post will not be submitted for the contest.

10 thoughts on “Colors or the lack of it

  1. That was one touching post, Bhagya. I have been there and seen (or not seen) it. God is great since He gives us some compensating thing to make up for what we have lost. Have faith.

  2. Why wont you be entering this for the contest? I dont understand…. Its a lovely post with some truth in it…. am i right?

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