Two virtues

Compassion and humility, two virtues that are in short supply nowadays. Tell that to someone and you will meet with resistance. I earn, I enjoy why should I care about others or why should I be humble, I worked hard, I won and I will show off; are the very common remarks.

Little do we realize the joy in sharing. Or the fact that your success is not yours alone, it is the people with or behind you who helped you reach there.

The resistance is also because one thinks it is meek, very few realise the magnanimity in being humble and compassionate.

Just another take on the word prompt RESISTANCE @ Velvet Verbosity’s 100 words Challenge

24 thoughts on “Two virtues

  1. True to the T….Would love to go back to a time when all this was available in abundance….World would have been a less complicated place:-)

  2. Great piece, the thought process is so true. Yes, be proud, but also remember who helped you get there

    One little thing: you used the wrong form of it’s. It should be the contraction for “it is” πŸ™‚

  3. I really love this piece and totally agree with the sentiments. Why must someone lose in order for me to win? Why must someone be wrong in order for me to be right.

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