Daddy brought home a bag of vegetables.

“Why have you bought vegetables? The refrigerator is already full of them”, said Mummy.

I saw some fresh cucumber, carrots and some lemons at a roadside vendor, could not resist buying them’, he replied with a sheepish smile.

“Yeah, they do look good, alright, I will somehow stuff them into the vegetable tray”, and she went to the refrigerator.

And so she made some space in the already stuffed tray and kept the three.

“Stop moving around so much, you are quashing me,” said Cucumbers

‘Quashing me…’, mimicked Carrot,”its you who is taking so much space.’

“No you take more space and you are hard not me. If you keep on shifting, you will mash me”, cucumber moaned.

‘Stop you two’, your fight and see what it has cost me’, said lemon and they moved to see that juice was coming out of some of the lemons.

‘Tell this carrot to be still,’ said cucumber

“Why, don’t you move a bit’, yelled carrot.

And they both started fighting, the refrigerator shaked, the utensils jangled.

Mummy came to see what the noise was and then she remembered about the carrots and cucumbers. As such she was feeling hungry and so she took out a carrot, a cucumber a green chilly, a lemon.

Grated the carrot, the cucumber, cut the chillies, squeezed some lemon, added some salt and chat masala and tasted it.

Mmmm the sweetness of the carrots, the crispness of the cucumber combined with the tangy taste of the lemon, all together with the chilly, such a refreshing filling meal for a hot summer day.


In case you wonder what this is, it is just a nonsensical story to engage a bored four-year old in his summer vacation.

But it sure was refreshing to return to kids fiction after a long time.

20 thoughts on “Salad!!

  1. I was beginning to wonder what the story was all about till I came to the end LOL Reminded me of the nonsensical stuff I used to tell my boys when they were kids πŸ™‚

  2. To summarize my reading actually i could get the taste of cucumburs, carrot and lemon….My father used to be an expert in spontaneous story telling when we were kids so I enjoy kids stories even now so this was good.
    Secondly I think it would be interesting to maybe read a recipe book by you:-) you will tell a story for each recipe and all of us would end up hungry and cooking:-)

    • He he thats a good suggestion Sowmya; maybe I will work on it πŸ˜‰
      Kids stories are always fun; I remember my dadi telling us stories when there was a o=power cut. We would be huddled around a candle and she would tell us stories.

  3. did u manage to get his attention and engage him.. if you did then job well done he he he he πŸ™‚

    I loved the story though sure got my attention …

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