I am back

Yes I am back but cannot say with a bang 😀

Had a refreshing trip sans mobile, laptop etc and rediscovered that we can survive without them 😛

Came home to a dirty house, piles of work for the kiddo as he joined a week late and trying to fit everyone back to the routine life.

So do I really miss home ( as in the home in India). I really do not know. When I am there I miss MY home and when I am here I miss them. But I do miss the greenery, the garden in Vizag, the talks…..

So how have you all been the past 2 months??


18 thoughts on “I am back

  1. Ah, that was a long absence from the blog world. Good to have you back. Good that you enjoyed your vacation. I just cannot stay away from my mobile and my emails. Also, my work is such that emails must be accessed :). But, it must be a refreshing change for you. And, you are right, we always long for our home when away and when back long to go to our parent’s place :).

  2. Welcome back and a break of two months oh my… When can I do that…

    You had lota f fun then yayyyyyy what was I upto nothing exciting as you.. Work work same old same old 😐

    • He he, u jealous.
      Summers here are horrible so better to go somewhere than stay here and what is more better than going to meet ur family, u get to eat good food, good gossip and most important the kid gets to be outdoors

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