She got up from the bed, all foggy, the effects of the sleeping pill taking time to wear off. She slowly nudged to freshen herself.
‘ Go make breakfast’, her husband ordered and she moved.

She moved herself as a robot. Her list for the day was stuck on the table, she just followed it to the T.

In the night she went and sat on the bed, he came and gave her ‘pill(s)’. She took it and laid down. It was so easy, she thought,to occupy herself when there were orders to follow, do this, do that, exercise, eat, sleep…so easy.


In response to Velvet Verbosity’s 100 words challenge; the word prompt being ‘Occupy’.

October 2011 is the Violence against women awareness month ( for details you can check here) and this word prompt somehow reminded me of this subject. Be aware and spread the word.

28 thoughts on “BUSY

  1. very appropriate. I hope that the women who need help can break free from this cycle and realize that doing exactly what you are told is the right way to live.

    visiting from 100 words

    • Will do my best to spread the word. Physical abuse is much easier to heal but mental/psychlogical abuse, wherein the victim herself is unaware……….takes a long long time to mend

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