‘So how has the year been?’, my endocrinologist asked.

‘Mine has been good but I suppose yours has been too good,’ I replied.

‘Huh’, he didn’t understand me.

‘Yeah, I had to wait 2 days to get an appointment and then an hour and a half in the waiting room,’ I complained. I had my reasons to be angry. Nowadays Doctors give me sweaty palms and palpitations and if I have to wait further, I get very close —-to a nervous breakdown. And though both the father and son make fun of my condition, I know that the hubby at least is more tense than me.

HA ha ha’, he guffawed. ‘ And though my clinic is supposed to close by 7pm, I have patients till 10. My wife is very angry, I have to do something about that’, he said with a dimpled smile. ( a smile which make me wish that I was at least 10 years younger) And suddenly my mind began to conjure images of the Doctor and his wife going on a cruise….And then I got an image of a pregnant wife. ( Yeah he said ‘something about that’, didn’t he, if she gets pregnant, she will get busy enough not to mind his late-comings :))

And then he proceeded to tell me, why he was so busy.

  • Lifestyle diseases are on the increase
  • There is more awareness and people do not ignore any ailment
  • Population is growing and so he has more patients
  • His clinic is approachable.

And two points which I would like to add

  • Dedicated Doctors are a rarity.
  • Doctors with whom you can converse are even more rarer.

Don’t you agree?


In case you are wondering, what did he advise me- He skipped the MRI this year for which I am very very grateful to him.Β  ‘You seem to be fine to me’, he said after the physical examination.

Had some blood test after which he just ‘adjusted’ the dosage of my medicines.

So allz well.Β  πŸ˜€

18 thoughts on “Visitation

  1. Yes I agree but it has also become a money making businesss tooo…. Yes good doctors are a rarity..
    Here in uk they all do tests on you. If you need a appointment you will not get it when u need always 3-4 days later.. By then body has recoverwd and in case you do get one its always a prescription of AMOXYCYLLIN.
    For all πŸ™‚

    I rarely go to doctore not that I am very healthy but by the time I get appointment I am fine πŸ™‚

  2. Amox is very popular they have found some stronger medicines now:)

    Doctors are turning into a fine bussiness man now…they take a hefty amount as fee, but dont want to give us enough time, in that way they are not good bussinessman even, as services are not proportionate.

    • Absolutely
      But in all that chaos, good doctors do exist. Amox is the only antibiotic which is allowed by the UK MOH. That is the strongest antibiotic that they can prescribe. But in Asia, sab kuch chalta hai

  3. Oh yes, a big rarity to find doctors one can converse with and those that seem to care. But, I have met many doctors really sharp who remember you even after seeing you after a long time. And, there is something so attractive about doctors — their self confidence I guess :).

    • Yes, I suppose when they have to read so much to know whats happening in the medical field, that remembering faces and ailments becomes second nature πŸ˜€
      I like Doctors who tell me whats wrong. to converse and to put me at ease, rather than grumpy doctors who just prescribe medicines and ask me to leave.And this doctor does everything right and….is good looking too πŸ˜€

  4. Good to hear that you are keeping well. Keep popping those pills. I do them too :-).
    Our GP here is good too. He never gives us medication unless it is really necessary. AMOX is the prescribed one under dire circumstances. I did hear from somebody that in India, AMOX can be bought from the pharmacy without prescription. And the main problem is that people do not stick to the course of the medication. The minute they feel better, they stop taking it! For anything and everything AMOX is being self prescribed and that has now stopped being effective. “Everybody” has become immuned to AMOX :-).

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