She did not mean to complain but motherhood had widened her responsibilities.

It was 11 in the night and she was still in the kitchen. Wind up today’s work, get started on tomorrow’s. It was endless. And then catering to a two-year old’s demands was not easy. It was a tight rope walk isn’t it, she thought, balancing a career and a home.
At that moment her son came running , frightened by a nightmare. He came and hugged her tight.

Ah, the pleasures of motherhood, for a hug and a kiss, she was ready for any tightrope walks.
‘Widened’ that is the word prompt this time at Velvet Verbosity’s. And believe me, I had a tough time writing on it. I don’t even know whether this post uses the word prompt aptly, but still, I tried. 😀

Have a nice weekend!!

22 thoughts on “Balance

    • Thanks you. I thought widened was a word usually used with roads, eyes…, so I wanted to experiment in this way too.
      Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Searching self

  1. Hey nice one! Interestingly, I visited Ms VV’s blog several times to find the prompt and never found the new one. But thats ok. I can say that my profile has widened after getting married!!

    • The new prompt was in the post and the sidebar was not updated, so maybe thats how you missed it. Actually i ma enjoying these 100 word exercises, it helps ro really widen your creativity 😉

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