To the rescue

“Crash” the plate went on the floor and broke into pieces. I looked at the floral design all in a disarray. I sat down on the floor and thought of interesting ways to use the broken pieces.You may think that something is wrong in my head to play with broken pieces of a plate that belonged to an expensive dinner set. But that’s the way I am. Nothing escapes my hands, I can drop anything and everything. When my son was a baby, MY mother in law never allowed me to hold him, lest I dropped him too. SO now you know how am I .

‘Sneha, open the door’, there was loud banging on the door. And then, ‘I know you are inside’.

It was Mrs. Mishra, the lady who lived downstairs. I knew why she had come and wanted to hide in a hole. They had shifted to our building, just 3 months back and since then, I always got complaints from her, ‘about sounds from our flat’.

‘Sneha, open up,’ she screamed and I leaped to the door.

‘Why do you always drop things, I am fed up of noises from your flat…..’, she went on, ‘I mumbled a sorry, made her sit, made some Iced tea (to cool her down) and then waved a goodbye.

I did not want to narrate this incident to the hubby but did so in the end. It was better if I told him, rather than he being told by Mr. Mishra. The poor hubby has stopped chastising me, he just keeps on calculating how much it will cost to replace the broken items.

For some days I was extra careful and then the routine began.

It was a Sunday, when the ladle fell with a such a sound that I was sure< I was in deep trouble. I Sat down waiting for Mrs. Mishra's arrival. But she didn't.

Instead there was a knocking sound from the flat below…..


Alright people, if you like challenges and love to write fiction, go ahead and complete this story. The rules are simple:

1) DO not make it too long, remember this is a short story.
2) Link back to this story
3) You can participate till the 15th of October
4) When you continue, just see that there is a link between the title and the beginning made.
5) I will publish the links to all the entries on the 16th of October.

Have a nice time.

16 thoughts on “To the rescue

  1. Oh I read the post and thought this really happened .. but then read the contest so is this a story .. I am duhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

    • LOL, It is true partly Mann. Like I do keep breaking things and my hubby is sick and tired of it :D. Halfway thru, I thought why not make it into a challenge and so here it is.

  2. Nice story, Bhagya. I hope you also publish what happened next. Some of us are so clumsy that we are always breaking things. My elder son is just like this.

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  4. Good Story. It is good you made it into a contest, you will find interesting solutions to your problem of being clumsy. Don’t be disheartened, there is always a way to achieve anything in life, provided we cultivate the will to achieve it.
    Sorry I came so late to your blog.

  5. I have been coming here often to see who has posted the continuation, but just now realised that you will be posting all the links only tomorrow :-(. I’ve got to wait!

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