Of festivals and festivities

Yes, there is nothing to write about but still I am itching to write something. 🙂 Happens.. with me at least this keeps on happening. Have been laid down by a throat infection for three whole days and I suppose all that energy of those 3 days want to be unleashed.

Well its festival time and we have been going around having a look at the Devi. Yes I have been unwell but I do need some outside air, don’t I? 😛

I do enjoy festivities. The fun in decorating, rituals, the socializing everything about it that the cooking and the cleaning don’t look like chores at all.

Our vacations too are planned in such a way that we spend Janmashtami and Ganesh chathurthi with our family. For Janmashtami the whole family gets together in cleaning, making prasadam, taking tulsi dala ( the leaves of tulsi are separated and in the evening offered to the Lord) Evening we deck up in our best, sing bhajans and to the strains of Vishnu sahasranam and Krishna ashtothar offer the Tulsi dalla to the Lord. And of course in the end, all sit together and partake prasad after offering the naivedya to the deity.

The whole family from my husband’s side get together for Ganesh Chaturthi in their ancestral house which is situated in the beautiful town called Gangoli near to Kundapur in Karnataka. The whole family consists of some hundreds of people. It was raining so heavily that day and the roads being so bad, we decided to go by bus. Going by car would have just resulted in back ache. WHen our stop came it was high tide ( Gangoli is situated amidst three rivers and of course the Arabian Sea is close by) and there was water till ahem…. till our thighs. And so we waded across to our home. But still it was fun.

Parting from you with a picture of Janmashtami. “Balkrishna’ is completely covered with flowers and tulsi leaf. This is a pic after the puja and so it is a bit hazy because of the dhoop sticks.

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