To the rescue-II

Presenting the conclusion of To the rescue. Though I had presented it as a contest, there were no entries and so my dear readers you will have to bear with my narration only 😦 SO here goes.

When I couldn’t hear Mrs’ Mishra’s footsteps, I was elated. Happy to have made the escape this time, I continued with my work, but I could still hear the knocking sound. Now you may ask why I was so bothered with a sound. But you see, I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and ever since anything different from the routine makes me curious.I tried to concentrate on the noises outside.There was Azaan from the nearby mosque and the knocking sound. At this time of the day, there were no vehicles.

The knocking continued, I opened the window and peeped out. You may think that how I could lean out of the window but I can. You see windows in Bahrain are without bars. The sliding double doors of the windows are secured only with a tiny button something like the electrical switches. And so I leaned out and listened. The A/cs were off, November is a cool month and also in the day time very few were at home.

The sound came from Mishrajis flat. AT first I thought there must be some carpentry work going on but then my curiosity took the better of me and I ran.

I rang the bell but no one opened the door. Instead the knocks began frantic. I put my ear to the door and listened…..I could hear the faint sound of a ….HELP ME …… And I ran again. the Mishras flat being on the ground floor, all the windows could be peeped in from the outside. I ran towards the bedroom but the window was screened, then I ran towards the kitchen. And peeped in. Mrs. Mishra was lying on the floor her right leg in a bad angle.. obviously a fracture and with her hand was a spoon with which she was making as much a noise as she could. I banged on the window signalling that I would help her. I tried to open the window but it was closed. I tried to break the window but could not.

All this banging and yelling woke up the Filipina living next door and she leaned out with a ‘WHath Happenned?’ I told her that Mrs. Mishra had had a fall. Meanwhile her African boyfriend too came near the window, he signaled me to wait, came out and with expertise (or was it practice… don’t ask me, I don’t know) lifted out the window and we climbed in. Mrs. Mishra on seeing me burst into tears and held me tight and both of us sobbed together. Angelina (the Filipina) gave us water and made her comfortable. We didn’t move her.I had already called for the ambulance and the team arrived and lifted her. I locked both the houses, took my mobile and purse and ran along with her.

Some oil it seems had spilled on the kitchen tiles. Mrs.Mishra had not seen the spill and had stepped on it and had fallen down. She had tried yelling for help but because of the closed windows no one had heard her and when she had heard the sound of the ladle falling in my kitchen had started knocking with the spoon in her hand on the floor, hoping that I would listen.

I became the heroine that day and for once my husband was proud of my butter fingers.

12 thoughts on “To the rescue-II

  1. Oh dear! I am so glad you found her. The laddle falling did come handy afterall. Not sure if this was a real incident or not. If real, then hope Mishra auntyji is doing well. If not real, then I think the story sounded so better coming from you because you have the knack of telling stories! I am sorry for not contributing. My ‘muse’ refused to continue from where you had stopped, becaue it rightfully belonged to you, Madam Butterfingers!

  2. The story ended in a nice positive way, and I am happy you found the right ending. Though I too would have wanted others participation, still, I feel you could only come up with the right ending. I have a blogger friend, who too Drabbles, and I am amazed at her writing too. I somehow can’t even stick to writing short comments. I wish you were with blogspot, I somehow feel it is more user friendly.

    • I don’t like sad endings so u will find that most of my stories end on a happy note. 😀
      I am glad that u cant make short comments 🙂 I can’t make long ones 😦
      I was in blogger earlier but shifted to wp as I liked this one better

  3. That was wonderful story Bhagya. I read both the parts together since I have missed coming here for sometime. I like the way you turn everyday incidents into interesting narrations. 🙂

    • 😀 I write simple stories firstly because they don’t take much time to write. The readers don’t have much time either 😛 As for complicated stories, I feel TV is enough with its saas bahu and parivaar soaps.

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