Tired and Happy :)

I am sitting today at leisure. The pace and work of the past few days have worn me off, and today I rest with aching limbs and a happy heart.

Some ten years back I used to wonder why amma used to pain herself by doing so much-cleaning cooking, celebrating, I used to get angry. Why do so much… Clean to get everything dirtied again…. cook; to see everyone gobble it down without any appreciation, celebrating and then return to the mundane everyday life… Why??

Today I do the same-cooking, cleaning , celebrating.
Cook to see everyone relish it-even if nobody says anything, but I know that it is being relished.

Clean- the clutter is gone.

Celebrate- it feels wonderful when the little one rushes by to put diyas and lights, get ready for the puja and in reality it feels wonderful to make everything memorable for him.

The cycle continues……

Hope you all had a memorable Deepavali!!


18 thoughts on “Tired and Happy :)

  1. The cycle goes on, doesn’t it? A lot of things fall into place as we grow older. HAve a wonderful time bringing up the little one. He will carry every memory to his own adulthood!

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