A nonsensical post

I don’t know what to write, but there is such an urge to put down the tumult which I am going through. No, nothing to worry about but the analyst in me just keeps on contemplating continuously.

Have you ever visited oneword.com, where in you write something, anything on a word given in a minute. Its fun. Writing on a word under sixty seconds and making some sense doing so, is tough.

Similarly I am also trying to make sense in the direction in which I want my life to lead. Its tough trying to lead a life as a homemaker, a mother and still make conscious efforts to advance in my chosen path.

Balancing is difficult. Especially if you are an introvert who is not able to convey her wishes and thoughts(verbally that is).

There is so much to do and yet so little time and even if I do have time, there are physical limitations. And so even if I do want to do many things, I prioritize and do only those which I can. Like for instance I am bursting with story ideas but because of Diwali I got so busy that I could not weave one . Also I find that though I can do a lot of work but sitting on the computer exhausts me and so I have reduced my time on the comp. Adjust… that has become the key of life.


15 thoughts on “A nonsensical post

  1. When you say so much to do and so less time , I can see myself nodding ot that for sure … I know that feeling ..
    I hope and wish that you are able to get all that you want done .. 🙂

    adjustement is good life becomes easier if we are able to adjust …

  2. Balance, I would put it like that .. I alos get exhausted when i spend ot of time in front of comp. So learning to balance things…
    Hope you enjoyed Diwali. I was travelling and was away from home.

  3. When we enjoy something a lot, we spend a lot of energy on it too. Don’t feel bad about spending too much time on one but not the other. Of course, if it gets too tiring, then you should slow down. Hope you settle down soon. I am the same like you – can’t express verbally well, so keep them to myself 🙂

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