Aise he!!

I know I have been erratic in my writing, the last month has been very busy.

I keep getting this cough and cold which once started, does not want to leave me, such is its love for me. I took antibiotics once but no respite. I am supposed to take another course of a higher intensity but it would mean in my case to take two more medicines (for support) and so we dropped the idea. Now waiting for it to go on its own.

As I told earlier computer strains me and so I have reduced it usage to minimum. And surprisingly I do not miss it much.

This is the Damodar month which means we visit each other, listen to Krishnaleela and have a sumptuous lunch (which also means that over the last month I have cooked very little and yet enjoyed home food). We also had Damodar Yatra at our place last Saturday and had a wonderful time with friends. For the very first time I cooked myself for over 25 people ( I cooked for about 30+, so that food was not short even if there were extras) Of course hubby helped and my kind neighbour who helped with frying veggies-banana and bittergourd ( we call then podis in Konkani) and roasting chappatis.

I am learning to cook in a team and to delegate what I cannot do. Its easier and faster and everyone is satisfied

EID holidays are almost up and now its back to routine.

16 thoughts on “Aise he!!

  1. It was one of the worst times for allergies in Bangalore this year. I found myself with aggravated coughs and colds too and had to take antibiotics course for that. Hope you are well now. Wow, cooked for so many people. Amazing. I think, I have cooked maximum for 15 people. Good show :).

    • Here there is not much scope for fresh air. Summer its A/cs and winter, have to stay indoors for the chill winds. As such any sickness takes a long time to cure.
      Yes, this time finally I gathered enough courage to cook for a bigger group. πŸ™‚

  2. Cooking or doing anything as a team requires a particular kind of mindset. I am glad you could. I have tried but I find it faster and less stressful to do it alone. Of course when it involves more people, you should delegate. Take care of your eyes. Stay away from computer for a while. good you don’t miss it. Hugs

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