How it happened

‘I am fed up,’ I screamed. My sister searched for somebody who could bail her out of this problem. Bhavaji ( my brother in law) had escaped, very well knowing that a volcano was about to erupt.

My problem was peculiar. I wanted to get married. Yes, you might be shocked, but that’s what I wanted to do. I had done my graduation, my post graduation and even started working staying in a hostel and now I wanted a home of my own with a partner.

Amma had been ready to get me married off as soon as I finished my MBA but I had asked for a year of full freedom. Yes, I had been away from family for long but I needed a year to have financial freedom too. A year in which I earned and spent it as I liked.

But no, not for me ‘that’ freedom. Living in a metro, facing the cut throat competition in the corporate world. I wanted someone to share my life with. 🙂 Yes, my sister was just a block away. But no, I wanted to ‘settle’ down.

I had met many guys but after a time all had lost their sheen 😀 Somehow no one measured up to my standards. I wanted a guy who was self-made, opinionated, devoted yet egoistic, family centric, looks; money did not matter but a person whom I could be proud of. Somehow, whomever I met did not measure up.

And so when I said I wanted to be married, everyone went on high alert. My horoscope was opened and we paid a visit to the Kuldevata (family deity).

The first person who matched was based in Mumbai and so we met one day and we disliked each other to the core. I stayed mum and rejoiced when his rejection came through.

After that there was a lull. Thats when I screamed, ‘I am fed up’

My sis in her exasperation got ready to take me to a meet of ‘eligible’ guys and girls at the GSB mandal, Sion. I went and hated it. I spoke quite arrogantly there. Two guys even came and told me that you should not have spoken like that, I smiled and said……’Get lost’.

After that for two days I did not talk to either my sis or my parents. Yes, it was not their fault but then being the youngest I am entitled for being a brat. On the third day, I got a solid lecture and I got on speaking terms. 😀 ( My sis knows very well how to handle me, it is she who taught me the first letter, the first of everything, so obviously she knows).

Around that time my mama (maternal uncle)called up and told my sis that a guy working in Bahrain was taking his flight on the 12th, he would be in Mumbai for a night and would meet me. It was already the 10th and everyone was frantic. I was cool. No one could force me to marry a guy whom I did not like, could they?

The meeting was fixed in a small restaurant near Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Mumbai. On the D day my pacchi(mother’s sister) called up to check whether I was wearing a sari or not. And so we started at the appointed time, when there was another phone call from mama. ‘Don’t be a threesome, carry a stone if your son does not agree to accompany you’, was what he instructed and so my nephew had to come along.

We crossed the road, ( my sis used to live across the temple), entered the garden, walked across and saw two guys standing, one with a green striped shirt. I looked at him and said , ‘this is the guy I am going to marry’. And my sis said, ‘You want to marry and so you feel like that’.

But I did marry him. Surprisingly we did not ask each other much questions, neither there was much courtship till the time we got married 11 months later. It was just acceptance. As soon as I met him, there was quite a change in me, the fiery me; calmed down.

It is ten years since we got married. And though these ten years have been like a roller coaster, we have met each challenge secure in the knowledge that each will be there for the other always.

6 thoughts on “How it happened

  1. Wow .. Love at first sight as they say….
    So is today the anniversary .. If yea then happy anniversary.
    God bless and wishing you manymany many years of togehterness… Happinesss… And everything that you both have wished for…


    • !2th was the 11th anniversary of ‘when we met’. Wedding Anniversary was last month.
      Don’t know about love at first sight Mann, ours was like we were destined for each other

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