A thought

Sonny came back from school, all happy, all excited. It was Children’s Day and he had loads of fun. All day fun, junk to eat, no uniform; generally everything he did not enjoy on the other days. He took out the packet of chips which he had been given in school and which teacher had not allowed him to eat. I made a pact, ‘finish your lunch and then finish those’. He agreed.
In midst of his meal he remembered that his buddy had given him a chocolate too. His father said he will take it out from the bag and keep it in a safe place. But then he signaled to me that there was none in the bag. On being told so after some time there were tears and some more. Somehow made him sleep but after sometime I noticed him sobbing again. In exasperation I cried out’ ‘You get so many chocolates-bigger, nicer, but why are you crying for a 50fils one’.

But then aren’t we all like that running after something we do not need and later on lamenting for not attaining it. Even if we do achieve/ obtain it, the joy is short-lived.

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